Do you like to watch soap opera?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ghost_Writer, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. Ghost_Writer

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    I hate soap opera (I consider them as one of the empty TV programs), but my mother dominates the television, and she loves to watch soap operas... So, this means what?

    This means I can't get rid of soap operas, because my mother is addicted to them (I don't watch them, but I end up having to see or hear one time or another when I'm at home... #Sadly :()
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  2. ray

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    I don't watch them for their silly stories and unnecessary scenes which they include to attract a particular section of the viewers. In our country most of the series are produced keeping in mind the lady viewers and which in my views make no sense because their story line never convinces me. Besides the overacting of artists is another big put off.
  3. kamai

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    It has been a while since I watched a soap opera. I used to like them but now they just bored me. I feel like the stories keep on repeating and the actors getting worst. Besides I watched them because that was one way I bonded with my mom. Now that I don't live with her I have no reason to keep watching.
  4. RapidBlue

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    I dislike the soap operas myself and I could never watch it, at least not so religiously like some people.
    I can't keep focus on those stories not even for a bet.
    At my place nobody dominates anything so we can watch what ever we like and when ever we like, meaning we have a full internet access on a few devices including 2 desktop PC.
  5. biege

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    I love TV series but I dislike Soap Operas due to that fact that most of them run for a very long time and most of the time they're too tiring to watch. I don't want to waste watching TV shows like that, I would just make something good out of the time wasted watching this. :)
  6. Carmen

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    Soap Operas are as much a part of American culture as Apple Pie and Baseball. Watching the story lines unfold daily, despite the fact that you know it's all fantasy is just what many people do and have done for decades. I think I stopped watching them when I landed my first 9 to 5 job after college. Before that I would have to make it back to my apartment from class every afternoon to see The Young and the Restless. It's addicting, it really is and you sometimes go to bed thinking about these characters as if they were real people.
  7. tpicks

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    I am surprised seeing many here appears not to be interested in Soap Opera. Well, there are some with fine educative story lines that I find difficult to resist. Give and take, I am a fan of Soap Opera especially those that are full of catching and exhilarating moments and not unnecessarily too long..