Do You Think Paid Surveys Are Mostly Scams?

Discussion in 'Other Scams' started by thisnthat, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Jason76

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    In the US the only paid surveys worth the time seem to be from McDonalds and other fast food places. If you go online and rate your experience, then you get a free sandwich. Note that McDonalds normally gives you the chance to do a survey each time you make a purchase. I figure if you filled out enough surveys, then you'd save a lot of money.
  2. pwarbi

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    Another thing that some survey sites do is say they have a survey for you that's worth 3 or 4 dollars, let you complete half of it and then screen you out but then give you another survey worth only a few cents. A lot of people will carry on doing the alternative survey even if the amount they get is a lot lower as they'd rather leave with something rather than nothing.

    The survey sites know this of course but in reality you've just spent 20 mins on a survey that gives you 75 cents instead of the original amount they offered. Not quite a scam as such, but it's not very far off being one!
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  3. thisnthat

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    That kind of survey is a bit different. It's kind of on the order of a comment card, but usually online or over the phone. Some of the younger people may not remember comment cards, but they used to be placed in restaurants and other businesses for customers to fill out. They were to give feedback on your experience.

    I guess most people only used them when something negative happened. The new format probably encourages more people to give feedback, both good and bad.
  4. Jasmin Cottontail

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    Haha! Totally agree. Experienced this a few times and it's totally frustrating because you were expecting to earn a specific amount to complete a survey but then it turns out that you're not even qualified for the tasks and yet they let you take the survey in the first place. I think it's just their way to gather information from users and sell it, you know what I'm saying. However, I'm not sure though, just a theory.

    Anyway, I already stopped with paid survey stuffs in light of the fact that they aren't real, or perhaps they are, but I never get qualified, and there are a lot of people who never does. So basically I think it is some kind of a fraud.
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  5. pwarbi

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    They are certainly more interested in your information than your opinion, that's for sure, and whether they do sell it or keep it for some reason, either way it's just a way of getting to know more and more private information about you.

    Some survey sites are legitimate, just 98% of them aren't, so your very lucky to find them, and even when you do its hard to be selected because they're already full.
  6. thisnthat

    thisnthat Active Member

    Indeed. I found it all very frustrating, especially since I don't really like giving out my info in the first place.

    I think they are often full of people who cheat. I see people all the time advising others to "fix" your profile on sites that follow that model. I'm pretty sure they don't just mean update it. I guess they feel justified after being used by so many survey sites.

    It's just not worth it to me to become a scammer in order to combat other scammers.
  7. Working Buck

    Working Buck New Member

    I haven't tried filling out these surveys. But my wife told me I will just waste my time on them since they kick you out halfway through the survey. I guess it's because of their targeting. I've been looking for paying online jobs and have seen these but haven't tried them yet. I will be following this thread just in case someone gives out a legit one.
  8. pwarbi

    pwarbi Active Member

    While research sites are similar to survey sites, I have found in the past that they are slightly more reputable. There are some drawbacks of course, and as well as them being hard to sign up for as they are usually full before you've even filled out the form to subscribe, if you do manage to get on their books so to speak, they are more reliable and can offer a range of different free trial products or small cash rewards.

    Pinecone research is probably the more famous ones, and the one that I'd subscribe to if you ever get the chance, but again, chances to sign up are limited and you have to keep an eye on when they are asking for new members.
  9. Working Buck

    Working Buck New Member

    I want to ask if it's only for US and Canada? Most survey sites that I've seen are only open for people residing in the US, Canada, Australia, and UK.
    I'm from the Philippines and I do think there are less online opportunities that are open here.
  10. kamai

    kamai Member

    I have given up on paid surveys because I have found to have been waisting my time. I never seem to qualify for any survey. I don't know what the reason might be, it's probably because of where I live. I fill up everything I'm asked to fill up and take the personal surveys that can even take up to 20 minutes and after that I recieve nothing.
  11. precaution

    precaution Active Member

    Yes, I totally agree with you. That is the main issue here too; most of the legit survey sites are not open for us. Whatever left is only giving peanuts for our efforts. Many of them don’t give any cash but only gift cards which I don’t like. I want to be paid in cash so that I can decide how to spend it.

    Some survey sites are easy to complete in the beginning but as you are about to reach the withdrawal limit they won’t let you reach that point. There won’t any more opportunities to earn money. Finally you won’t be able to cash out ever. These types of scams are present at large. I lost of a lot of time and energy in those sites and now I am not at all interested to do any online surveys.
  12. mastkesar

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    Yeah, I have experienced it many times. At first, the page starts the survey and after I complete the survey, it redirects me to some other sites and it asks repeated for the surveys and the companies never pay me instead one or two. So, I don't answer the paid surveys now a days.
  13. pwarbi

    pwarbi Active Member

    Well I'm in the UK, but as far as I know it's a site that's open to anyone that fits the criteria they're looking for, but I'd double check before you try to sign up.

    At the moment I'm not even sure if they are taking on extra participants, but if and when they do again, it's worth at least trying.
  14. DR S

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    I did paid surveys (from 1990s' to early 2010s'). Only from WELL KNOWN Survey Sites. GREENFIELD has been around long before "Al Gore" Created Internet (I always wanted to post that) - they go back in early 1950s'. Today they're a thing of the past; there were several more of them - such as Gallup (they for one instance had trimmed dramatically, due to abuse and misuse by many who were out to make a quick buck) - are still around but no longer taking applications. Today's events: A/K/A "Survey Monkey", "i-Say" (IPOS), Toluna, Global Test Market, Vindale (Research)... And Plus Online events such as Amazon Vine Voice, Wal*Mart Spark (discontinued), etc...
    ARE STILL ACTIVE ... but....


    IRS -requires now all information to be reported and taxable even if you're applied today as self-employed. Anything over the amount of $1.00 must be reported. At a certain range of $xx.xx you have to pay TAXES! (Tax year runs from July xxxx to July xxxx). State tax reporting may or may not be required.

    1) Many have folded -OR- they are "canning" Oldbies and only allowing "Newbies" (there's a lot of complications involved; it's easier just to can the long term folks than it is to accept new folks - because of the new process; it's easier to have the NEWBIES fill it out and begin if approved; Old Folks are going to "Protest" and claim "Grandfathering" and so forth [as you can see the problem].)

    2) THIS ALSO APPLIES to those who are "Self-Employed" - "You pay me $xx.xx, and send me your product. I will give you a top rated review, photos, videos..." (A/K/A) Paid Reviewers. Also applies under Survey Rules.



    Are Surveyors "Scam" - YES, NO, AND MAYBE!

    1) YES - if they require you to constantly input all your personal information including Bank or Credit Account info to be paid

    2) NO - if you are eligible for $$$ or REWARDS - it goes to your account with that Website - they will NOT ask for your Bank or Credit Account info. HOWEVER, they might ask about your Banking or Credit Card experience or if you ever had a specific Credit Card (current or past) - such as your Bank or Credit Card (i.e. Discover, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, or even Store Card - Sam's Club, Amazon, Dillard's, Macy's, JC Penny's, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc) - THEY WILL NOT ASK FOR YOUR ACCOUNT INFO - but they may ask about what did you purchase the past 3 months, last week, etc - This is only for data gathering and categorization. They will primarily ask basic questions, which would only be given to the provider such as W/M/69 - Retired, B/F/38 - Employed, W/F/44 - Homemaker, B/M/45 - Employed.... to give you an idea. These businesses are merely gathering the "common" usage. THEY ARE NOT SPYING ON YOU. Or your Bank themselves. They could be specifically for a specific Regional Area or District Area because of "complaints", "accounts being closed", etc - and/or possibility there might be an issue with Tellers/Management. It could be that Zone 1, 5 and 6 were marked "Excellent", while Zone 2, 9 were marked "Horrible" and all other Zones 3,4,7, and 8 were "Average". This Database lets them know what specific areas needs fixing.

    Clicking on this survey will lead you off of our site. They will require some personal information in a secured link. Please do not click the back button or refresh; use only the site buttons only to go back or forward. If your browser gives a clearance, the site is secured. If it gives you a warning - GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE... Please notify the site if you DO get such information. (They will be investigated or closed off). IF IT REDIRECTS YOU TO AN EXTERNAL LINK WITHOUT ANY NOTIFICATIONS ... Pretty much it will be a scam.

    BOTTOM LINE - STICK TO WELL KNOWN WEBSITE(S), CHECK WITH THE BBB.... Whenever in doubt, leave immediately or DO NOT ANSWER. I'd rather to forget $25.00 than to risk scams!

    REAL AVERAGE PAYOUT: I used to earn QUARTERLY (every 3 months) of $500.00 (which is average, sometimes it would be low (lowest payout was $248) or very high (highest payout was $2190.00). KEEP IN MIND, no one gets rich by doing surveys or reviewing products!

    A) You may or may not be required to return item; if so, it would be at your expense!
    B) You MAY (90%) or MAY NOT (10%) be taxed for the item (IRS and if applies, State and Local Taxes!) - BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN PRODDING THIS AREA - highly true if you're required to pay taxes on the item and PLUS having to RETURN it! (Those are not tax-refundable! You might or might not apply for a loss here! Not everything is eligible!)
    C) You MAY or MAY NOT be responsible for S+H (Shipping and Handling) - get the facts upfront!
    D) You MAY be informed you would receive the full item (i.e. Coke or Pepsi 12 pack, 12 Boxes of "New" Kleenex) but ONLY received 1 item (Can or a box) BUT YOU'RE PAYING TAXES ON THE FULL AMOUNT and NOT THE SINGLE!
    E) Specific items are "exempted" from Taxes (check with IRS and your local State and Local Laws)
    F) You MAY or MAY NOT be allowed to sell (a/k/a) "Resale" of such said product (or everything). You must destroy or dispose of. Some may allow donations. Some may allow you to sell item only after XX months or xx year(s)!!
    G) SOME MAY BE SCAMS THEMSELVES! (Scammers trying to make a name for themselves at YOUR EXPENSE!)
  15. ReadmeByAmy

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    Actually I have not yet tried making an account on survey sites. And one thing from what I had read and heard these sites are only open for people residing in the USA. That is why there is always a hindrance on my part to give it a try. There are a lot of testimonies from different people that there are those who had succeed and there are those who had failed. But maybe if my place is qualify in joining these survey sites why not and I will surely give it a try.