Don't Fall For This Gmail Scam That Even Fools Experts

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    How can you possibly protect yourself against a scam that even fools IT experts? That's the question being asked by The Sun after a new scam using Gmail has made the rounds.

    "A NEW email phishing scam so “convincing” it has duped even IT experts is tricking millions of Gmail users worldwide into handing hackers their passwords."

    The victim receives an email from what looks like someone from their own contact list. When you click on the link in the email to login to your Gmail account, you are sent to a fake page that looks exactly like regular Gmail. You type your password in and you just gave the scammers your email.

    The Sun lists 3 ways to avoid this scam:

    1. Use 2 factor authentication.
    2. Make sure there is nothing before "" in the URL address bar.
    3. Make sure the green color and lock symbol show up near the URL to show the page is secure.