Embarrassing Collection Tactics

Discussion in 'Debt Collection' started by Zeta, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. Zeta

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    My officemate had a credit card debt that has gone unpaid for several months. She changed her cellphone number to evade collection calls and has moved to another home. Since she was a newly-hired employee, the credit card company doesn't know her current office landline. She thought that she had successfully avoided collection harassment. To her chagrin, however, the credit card company has made a post on her Facebook wall about her unpaid debts. Since she doesn't access her FB account on regular basis, the post has been on her wall unknowingly for a few days.

    As far as I know, such collection tactics are not allowed. But since she was also negligent on her obligation to pay, can she actually file a legal case against the credit card company for harassment?
  2. vinaya

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    She does not have moral rights to file a legal case for harassment against the credit card company because first she left her credit card debt unpaid for many months (which she should have paid before the deadline), secondly she tried to cheat the company by changing phone number and home. If she is really a bad person she will file a case, but her case is weak because facebook harassment occurred because she did not pay her debt.
  3. Knitting

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    I think it's really quite naughty of your friend to try to evade their creditor.
    If you incur a debt, you need to pay it back in my opinion.
  4. Alexandoy

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    Posting on social media has no restrictions as of now when it comes to derogatory posts. The only restriction I know are posts that are scam or purporting to scam. But with that embarrassing post about the outstanding debt of your friend, that is foul. However, your friend can always delete that post and immediately negotiate with the collector so there will be no more posts like that. Truly, people are now so creative and inventive that you cannot assume anything anymore.
  5. kamai

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    I would think she should feel embarrased to be avoiding to pay her dept. Why would she take legal action againts them if she is the first to commit a crime by changing her phone number and even home? She should just confront her responsibilities and pay up.
  6. Knitting

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    I will admit that it does sound surprising that a professional company would do something like this, but trying to see it from their point of view, what other option were they left with?

    If they couldn't contact your friend any other way, and they were owed money (let's not forget that fact) aren't they entitled to get in contact by any means possible to recover their loan?
  7. moondebi

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    Now I know why the credit card companies sometimes become rude to get back their money. What your office mate did is a kind of cheating, and if she goes on to complaint, there is a chance that she herself fall into her own trap. The credit card company has to get back their money, and when they had no clue about the debtor's where about, they flashed it in FB.
  8. Binu

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    That must be really embarrassing. She tried to cheat her credit card company, however, have to live with guilt for life time. All people in her circle will know she tried to cheat and will always embarrass her. Its all her fault. She should not have run away from paying debt. If she did not have capacity to pay back, whey did she burrowed in the first place.
  9. ray

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    I don't think the tricks your friend will work in our country but they will treat them as an offender. By the way you gotta be too rich to avoid debts in our country who could be able to runaway with billions but small offenders are always caught and made to pay through their nose.