Fake Electric Disconnection Call

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  1. Billy

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    If get a legit disconnection call from our power service provider, They will indeed tell us to pay our bills. They don't give us any specific way on how to pay it. They will give us certain number of days to pay before we get the deadline. For sure we can pay them via cash, online credit card and payment station but legit disconnection calls don't bully us on the day of deadline. They give us a call days before the deadline.

    I just received a call from someone with a weird foreign accent who is forcing me to pay my electric bills with credit card on the exact hour or my electricity will be disconnected. I am not subscribed to any Power company though because I have my own solar panels.
  2. Ram

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    In our place we get monthly electricity bills from the Electricity Board, which is a government organization. In the bill itself it is clearly mentioned the "last date of payment with fine" and also "the last date of payment to avoid disconnection". If the bill is not paid before the disconnection date, the officers will come and disconnect the electric supply without any question, which is a known fact to every consumer. There is no advanced call before disconnection and hence no role for the scammers.
  3. Nocturnal Writer

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    Late this afternoon, my elder brother handed me my line disconnection notice from our electric company. I told him that I have already the bill before noon today. I asked why he had the notice when I am the owner I am supposed received it. It is because we have the same surname. I told him that is unethical for the electric company collector to give the notice to another person. I should say it is a private transaction.
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  4. Alexandoy

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    I still have to hear this scam. But I had read a news item last year about a disconnection of cable connection. The house owner naturally argued because they are up to date in payments. The caller admitted that there might be a confusion so he asked for some details which is the standard even in credit cards - name, address, date of birth but the inquiry included work/employer and address plus contact numbers. The house owner gave all the information. The news writeup was presuming it is a scam but there's no issue yet.
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  5. luisalex96

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    Fraudsters have built up a smart and very fruitful stratagem to take cash from property holders and little organizations the nation over. All it takes is a telephone call and a pack of persuading untruths.

    These telephone criminals case to be from your nearby power organization. They imagine they're calling to let your know your record is reprobate and unless you pay immediately the administration will be disengaged. To add validity to this con, they frequently utilize "mocking innovation" that makes your guest ID show the name and telephone number of the neighborhood utility.
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  6. precaution

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    This is really a new type of scam to me. But it does not work in our country as @Ram has correctly mentioned. In our country the distribution of electricity is through Government owned organizations. They give enough time to pay off the bills and if we fail to pay within due date power will be disconnected without any question.

    But if it is privatized once there can be scope for scams at play. The Government is moving towards privatizing the entire electricity generation and distribution. The private firms could operate more efficiently than Government organizations, but there could a lot of foul play.
  7. Zeta

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    In our country, electric distribution is privatized but it also doesn't work that way. Subscribers who fail to pay on due date still have a week of grace period to pay their bill. A disconnection notice is also sent prior to the disconnection day. They don't make collection calls at all and will proceed to disconnect if the bill is not paid. They can be lenient at times and some household will have overlap of two bills. I myself test the waters sometimes and pay 15 days after the due date. Subscribers here know where to pay their bills as there are many payment centers beside the main office of the power distributor.
  8. Binu

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    The electrical board disconnects out lines without any warnings.They have rules printed on the subscriber card "if your bill exceeds the third month,your line will be cut off immediately without warnings." We don't get warnings, we get disconnected when we don't pay three months bills in a row. If we get phone calls regarding bill payment, it is fake for sure.
  9. ray

    ray Member

    Thanks to our lousy system we do not have to pay through our credit card but we have to go and pay at the counter of electricity department. They are in the process of payment through wire transfer in certain cities but the chances of scam are too few in my country as far as electricity is concerned.
  10. moondebi

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    As you're not subscribed to any power company, you could realize that the call was a spam. Otherwise, it would have become really tough to get to know the intention of such calls which are related to essential services where people cannot take the risk. This a unique kind of spam call, and I'm yet to get such calls which would have been pretty scary otherwise.
  11. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Active Member

    I sometimes wonder why those scammers would conduct their ruse in such a way that they become suspicious. As you have said, the caller has a foreign accent so that probably means he is in another country. And what good can that call do to him when you don't even know their electric company (since you are a foreigner to them). Even in emails, it is sometimes too stupid of them to compose those fake emails that are obviously fake with wrong grammar and wrong spelling.
  12. kamai

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    Here we usually get our bills document at our door. We usually are able to pay until the third bill is brought before they cut our electricity. They do warn us ahead of time then after it's up to us to do our job and pay it up. They are pretty generous on giving us a couple of months to be able to pay.
  13. thisnthat

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    That's what they are counting on. They know that people will get upset at the thought of having their utilities turned off. Some people will probably react without thinking, out of fear of losing power. As I always say, check with the source. Tell the person on the phone that you will call back. Hang up and then call a legit number for your power company )not the number that called you) to question the situation.