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  1. remnant

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    There are scam calls that purport to remind somebody of a survey that has been sponsored by a particular telecommunications company which one is a subscriber. You are asked a raft of questions and then you are directed to a website where you will complete a lengthy questionnaire to earn cash. It turns out to be a scam and you are not credited. This method turns out to be effective since confidence is cultivated during the phone interview.
  2. Binu

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    I have heard about this kind of scam, however, I have not been scammed in this way. First of all, the telecommunication company that I am subscribed with does not call for survey, if it has to contact the customer, it uses Text Message system. Secondly, I don't go to the randon site just because I can earn money. I want to make money but I am not greedy.
  3. thisnthat

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    I would hang up and call the real company. If they need information from me, they can then send something to me in writing.

    Surveys are mostly bogus anyway, so I wouldn't fill it out just because they promised money. Even so-called "legit" survey sites promise to pay but then more often than not, screen you out. You will be ineligible more often than you will qualify, but they still keep all your information.
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  4. ray

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    I am not sure we have this kind of survey system in our country therefore, I am safe so far from this kind of surveys. But I have known similar surveys from fake companies aluring innocent customers of banks to cheat them for debit/credit cards information and clean their accounts.
  5. moondebi

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    This is quite a common trick, and could be risky at times. In surveys, personal information are provided for demographic screening purpose. Scammers sometimes retrieve such information for hacking accounts. If surveys are not from authentic sites, one should be cautious before giving useful details.
  6. Fuzyon

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    I've seen sites like these where you get fooled to complete a lengthy survey to win something, they're probably now starting to call people as well in order to make the deal seem more legit. It's one of the most known scams, it's been around even before the internet actually.
  7. Alexandoy

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    We never entertain surveys whether on the phone or in personal. We have been warned by a survey group that there are scams using surveys as a means to fool victims. Phone calls that purportedly are about political, economic or even entertainment survey for the rating of tv programs are surely a waste of time and the survey group admitted that they are now having a hard time getting a response from the public. And to save on costs, survey groups are now cultivating the online survey particularly in the social media.
  8. Billy

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    My ISP usually contacts me via SMS they dont make calls at all.
  9. Decentlady

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    I haven't come across such a scam yet. However, it does sound convincing since one receives a call from their supposedly reliable telecom service provider.

    I would have been fooled had I not read this thread. Thanks for the alert.
  10. mastkesar

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    None of the legit surveys would ever ask you for the cash. No survey will include any question related to the transaction. If any survey company asks you for money, it's a scam.
  11. Saundra Bowers

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    I just can`t believe some of the scams people still try to come up with. I don`t get involved over the phone unless I know for sure....No personal information from me is ever given to be safe.