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  1. remnant

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    There is this instance when one receives a call from a stranger who is able to identify your name through an app when he calls you. You are then asked about a debt you have failed to pay. If there is a convergence, you offer details about the debt and then the person identifies himself as an intermediary and you are then told to send a certain percentage of the money as goodwill as he negotiates a huge discount on your behalf. After you send the money, the supposed intermediary vanishes into thin air.
  2. precaution

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    In India it is happening with most of the private banks, especially in credit card segment. These scammers will approach you as bank representatives and offer huge discount if you can settle it offline. They are ready to waive off all the penalty and all you have to pay is the capital amount pending. It would be too good to resist as you might be thinking of a way to get rid of the debt. I think in such cases we should first check directly with the bank’s customer care and should not jump into it without a second thought.

    The scammers know our psychology and take advantage of the situation.
  3. Alexandoy

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    I heard of anomalies in the credit industry here. But the scam is based on real debts. Those with outstanding bad debts are being harassed with calls and texts until they settle for an agreed amount not for the payment of the loan but to stop the harassment. It is like black mail. But the credit company has nothing to do with it because the perpetrators are the staff handling the database. They can sell information to syndicates who victimize the debtors. It is like rubbing salt to injury because the debtor was not able to pay his debts and yet he is being milked.
  4. Decentlady

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    Well, for once I confirmed that the guy who approached me for credit card was from the bank indeed.

    I don't negotiate with anyone invisible or unknown. I rather pay the penalty then get cheated with such huge amount.
  5. ray

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    Since I owe nothing to anyone including financial institutes so I would straight away know that the person calling is telling me lie. I would try to catch him on his own game and hand over to police if possible.
  6. mastkesar

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    You should not call back any of these numbers. They will talk to you as if they deserve some money but you should not give any attention to these calls. These calls are definitely scams.
  7. Zeta

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    Banks implement strict internal and operating control and would only accept payments though accredited payment methods, centers, or bank, and not through their representatives. Debtors can go to the bank and negotiate with them directly for rate or principal reduction. It's an old scam, and I don't know why some people still fall for this ruse.
  8. mastkesar

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    This is one of the most common scams that the scammers try. It has became ineffective now a days because people know when they take loan or something and when some random people asks for an unpaid debt, we know it. The scammers need to know that we are much more intelligent than them. I always check my dairy whenever I receive any debt calls.
  9. PsychAL

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    Dealing through an intermediary when it comes to debts contracted from banking/financial institutions is a red flag. I would rather deal directly with the bank/financial institution regarding outstanding debts/loans which I owe. If I can, I would rather pay the amount in cash now or find other ways with which to pay so it would not come back to bite me later.
  10. Fuzyon

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    This is such an old scam, I'm amazed that people still get fooled by it. Those people usually target the old ones, both my grandma and grandpa have been called by these guys but fortunately they knew about the scam. It can turn ugly really fast.
  11. ray

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    I don't it is possible with me and fi one gets hooked with such a scam ... well then there is everything possible. I would suggest people to know better than that because you are the one who made the deal and who knows it better than yourself.