Hassles Faced By Debt Collectors

Discussion in 'Debt Collection' started by Decentlady, May 24, 2016.

  1. Decentlady

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    You might think it's an easy job but it isn't really.

    The hassles they go through and with only partial success per day sometimes really is a discouraging thing.

    Many clients are rude amd dodgers despite that these debt collectors continue their work without getting frustrated is really something to praise. Keeping in mind that debt collection isn't only limited to sophisticated offices and businesses, even street goons are sometimes involved in such practices.

    Hats off to all the hard workers out there!
  2. kamai

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    Yes, you are correct having to go through rude customers can always be a pain in the neck, been there done that. It can be frustrating and keeping it all bottled in can be stressing but that's part of the job what can we do about it.
  3. thisnthat

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    I can get on board with what you're saying, if it's applied to people who behave in a professional manner. I'm sure it is a very stressful job.

    On the other hand, some of these guys act like street thugs. There have been lawsuits against some for treating people so badly. I heard a story of a man having a heart attack due to mistreatment at the hands of debt collectors. I'm sure you can find other similar stories online.
  4. Binu

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    In my experience and observation, people burrow money from financial institutions or people without considering much, however, when the time to pay the debt, they either run away or are not sincere about paying. One should always burrow money only when they have the capabilities to pay back. However, in most case the situation is just opposite, people burrow money when they are in financial crisis, however, when they strengthen their condition, they eschew.
  5. kgord

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    Sometimes people are in debt because of unforseen circumstances like job loss or illness, if they don't have the money to pay they don't have the money to pay. They can't make money materialize automatically. They probably don't want to be in debt either. Some debt collectors are very rude. They are not going to get cooperation with those tactics.
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  6. melik

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    It's very hard to sympathize with this people as, contrary to what I would say probably about any other profession, most of the debt collectors are thugs as @thisnthat said, and this is why they hire them, it's probably a requirement to get the job. There's maybe a minority that behave properly, and I have no problem with them, but again, my personal experience and of many here is not very positive.
  7. remnant

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    Some people are hostile to debt collectors and cases of some going to extremes abound. Some debtors alert the police claiming that they are under attack from thugs and this can turn tragic. In my country, a big number of debt collectors were lynched when they went to collect rent arrears on behalf of their employer without a police escort. It can be a pretty hazardous occupation, it has to be said. One also requires, bravery, stoicism and persistence as well as a thick skin to make it here.
  8. tpicks

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    Sometimes it's really frustrating collecting debts from clients. They come up with different excuses that could be annoying. You hear things like I haven't receive my salary, as if they never kept a savings. At other times they come up with personal or family financial problems as reason they are unable to come up with payment.
  9. Working Buck

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    In my experience, I can say that there are collectors who has a thug-like attitude. However, there are few who are still professional collectors. I admire those collectors who are professionals that they can still collect debts and do their job without being inhumane and disrespectful. Nevertheless, we can't really choose who will be the collector that we're going to talk to, and the bad new is that some or most of them are abusing their clients or customers verbally and they even tend to scare you that they will file a complaint in the the event that you won't pay.

    I believe there are good and horrible debt collectors. Furthermore, not everybody who cannot pay wants to run from their debt. Most of them just don't have anything or having a hard time paying and still collectors just keep on harassing them.