Have you ever watched the movie Compliance? Does it really happen?

Discussion in 'Phishing and Scam Calls' started by Jasmin Cottontail, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Jasmin Cottontail

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    I just watched the movie Compliance. In case you're not acquainted with it, it's about a fast-food manager and a lady crew who were victimized by a prank caller putting on a show to be a cop. I was aggravated and irritated at the same time while watching the film in light of the fact that there are really a few people who can commit such thing and individuals who absolutely does go along without hesitating or being suspicious. I don't know however I certainly believe it's truly dumb.
  2. Nocturnal Writer

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    Here we go again. I have just reacted to a thread which a fake government agency is being used to swindle a stable businessman. And this movie involves a cop who is well-respected as a peacemaker and arresting officer for a trouble maker. If you were in the place of those victims, are you going to check first their identity? For fear of being arrested, you have no other choice but to give what they bid for.
  3. Jasmin Cottontail

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    I don't know however in the event that I was in the victim's shoe, and know beyond all doubt that I'm innocent, why not attempt to call another police to confirm the caller's identity? Particularly when the caller commands the manager to undress the young lady, I mean would you undress a person when somebody just told you so? Especially from a stranger? Suppose she truly did it, isn't the cop ought to be there to investigate? Not to oblige other people to do their job.

    Not to mention that the police headquarters is only a half mile away from their place wherein they could've called or they can call the manager's boss just to confirm if the caller is telling the truth, since the pretending cop told them that he's in touch with the manager's boss.

    I mean not all people has the same way of thinking though.
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    In real life, anything can happen and anyone can do that. With the cops, this is not to smear but right now our country is having a cleansing of drug people (users and pushers) and some cops are suspected of being in the drug trade. And being arrested or suspected of a crime is not easy to accept. The tendency of the victim is to be meek simply because they are the police in authority. So when those arresting cops turn out to be criminals, the poor victims could not do anything. But with the movie, I guess it is logical to check the identity of the scammer.