Hotel Scam Stealing Your Credit Card Information

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  1. Scott

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    The information for this scam comes from a Facebook post by Jack Sng here. When you stay at a hotel, you generally give them your credit card for an incidental charges like the minibar. Essentially, the scammer calls a hotel and asks for a random room. It happens to be your room. You answer the phone and hear ‘This is the front desk. When checking in, we came across a problem with your charge card information. Please re-read me your credit card numbers and verify the last 3 digits numbers at the reverse side of your charge card." You unknowingly just tell the scammer your credit card info.

    Jack says if you receive a call like this then tell the caller you will go to the front desk to clear up any problems. After you hang up, call the front desk and see if there was an actual problem with your credit card.
  2. ray

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    It sounds like a childish trick to me but everything is possible and I have no doubt whatsoever that some of the unsuspecting ones will get hooked by this trick. I had heard about cloning your Credit card but yes it couls also be another good trick for getting your card's details.
  3. thisnthat

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    That's just another reason that I don't like being forced to use a credit card. I would go to the front desk and check first anyway. I wouldn't give out the info over the phone on a whim. There have been cases of dishonest employees in establishments that require credit cards as well, so my first reaction would be to head to the front desk and find out what is going on. Of course, I may be a bit more cynical than most, and I'm sure people fall for this because they trust that it's really the hotel asking.

    All the same, thanks for the warning. Good to know.
  4. vinaya

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    I had never assumed that you could get scammed in this way. This seems to be an easy way to get tricked because you will never assume that the caller is not actually the hotel staff but a scammer.
    Thankfully, I will never get tricked in this manner because I don't have a credit card, I only have a debit card. There will be limited money on my debit card and if someone's is able to hack into my debit card account, he will be able to take out only little money.
  5. Alexandoy

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    I think I already heard that case of hotel scamming of credit card. No, we do not leave the credit card to the hotel receptionist and we only give it when we are already checking out. In big hotels needing deposit, we pay by credit card but we don't leave the card. However, we don't bother to be suspicious when we are staying in big hotels especially 5-star hotels because they are always on the level and their security is great.
  6. thisnthat

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    It doesn't really matter how good the hotel is if someone from outside the hotel is just calling random rooms. They get you on the line and claim that they are from the front desk, but they are not. Then they tell you that there is trouble with your card, and ask for you info. I could see a lot of people falling for this,, if they trust the hotel (not realizing it has nothing to do with the hotel). Always go to the front desk in person to see if there really is an issue.
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  7. kamai

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    Had never heard about this type of scam but good thing you are letting us know about it. This is way too easy for the scammer because it wouldn't feel suspecious to get calls from the front desk asking for information since we feel secure with them. I am afraid to go anywhere now but all I have to do is give out information where I know it is really needed.
  8. thisnthat

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    It can start to make you uneasy, but I refuse to be afraid to live my life just because there is always someone waiting to try to scam me. We just have to be more vigilant. Learn to question things. People always tip-toe around, afraid to look out of place or sound paranoid. It's better to ask than to get scammed. I'm sure the front desk would not only understand, but would also be glad to be warned that such a scammer is targeting their hotel.
  9. mastkesar

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    That seems a really intelligent tactic to me but be smart and don't ever speak out the credit card numbers to anyone. So, don't ever give the information to anyone instead of the bank members.Verify the person or the firm before sharing the information.
  10. luisalex96

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    You can't trust anything any longer. Spend the night at a lodging and get a call from the front work area and it could end up being a swindler attempting to take your Mastercard number.

    Most lodgings workers will never call you after 9 p.m. Furthermore, they positively wouldn't call to request your Mastercard number. Deal with all your money related business up close and personal at the front work area.

    Envision how horrendous it would be in the event that you gave your record number to a criminal toward the begin of a get-away or business trip? You could drop the card, however that may abandon you without an approach to charge your costs.

    Whether you're at home or out and about, the same principle applies. Never give your charge card data to an obscure guest, regardless of the possibility that you're in a decent inn and the individual hanging in the balance cases to be at the front work area.
  11. Nocturnal Writer

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    This would discredit the hotel. Its integrity and social approval would be affected. Tourists, travellers won' take any chances to stay in that hotel which steals visitor's credit card information. There is, I think, an association of all hotels. The name of this hotel would be blacklisted there.
  12. thisnthat

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    It is not the hotel doing it. It is someone else calling rooms in a hotel and lying. They only say they are from the hotel when they are not. People mistakenly think it is really someone who works there. It isn't. That's why the warning is being posted here. If you do get such a call, hang up. Do not give out your info. Go straight to the front desk to make sure there is no real issue.
  13. Billy

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    I will never give my credit card number to anyone unless it is something related with Paypal,Payoneer and online banking. A promo wont be asking for credit card number.
  14. tpicks

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    I am not going to give out my card information to any one over the phone. I would rather go to the front desk to sort out any issue. My question, how does the scammer knew about the room numberinge in the hotel. In scams like this I may have a reason to be careful with such a hotel.
  15. Binu

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    Most of the time I pay cash when I am staying in hotel. Well, I don't carry cash when I am traveling. However, when I am paying I like to withdraw cash from ATM and pay my bills. In a new place if my financial information is missuses I will have to regret for my entire life. However, until now I have not experienced any frauds.
  16. thisnthat

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    I wouldn't blame the hotel. Some hotels have doors that face the parking lot and the numbers are easy to see. It's also pretty simple to guess what a lot of room numbers might be. Say there are two floors. Each floor must have at least 20 rooms, right (on average)? So, they just pick a number. The hotel itself has nothing to do with that.

    Here, you cannot pay cash for a room. You must show ID and you must leave a valid credit card number. That way, if you break any rules (like smoking in a non-smoking room or something) or you break any items or make extra charges, they can simply charge your card instead of chasing you down for the money. If you can just pay cash, consider yourself lucky.
  17. ray

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    I have heard cases of the hotel staff in collaboration with scammers have the means of cloning your credit card. They do it when you give it to them while handing it over to them for bill payment. They insert it in a device and do it within moments.