How Many Days Should A Debt Collector Wait Before Calling?

Discussion in 'Debt Collection' started by beasleym1989, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. beasleym1989

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    Every once in awhile, I have to wait until my next pay check in order to make my student loan payments ($600 a month is killing me!) There is one loan in particular, that if I don't pay it, they begin calling me the very next day. I ignore the calls until I make my payment, but you would think that there would be some sort of grace period where they allow you to make a payment. Even an extra 3 days would be nice.

    What do you guys think? Is there a certain amount of time that debt collectors should have to wait before hounding us?
  2. Elendil

    Elendil New Member

    Calling on the very next day? Man, that's really harsh.:eek:

    For me, a week grace period is optimum. Mostly because the whole "you'll get your paycheck next week." phrase that is so common. I think it's not too long, and not too short. And if you, for some reason fail to gather up the need money, a week is enough (generally) for you to come up with the money needed to completely pay off the debt.
  3. rodrigo fischer

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    I don't think calling you every day is fair. It can be very annoying and a bit harsh, really.

    Personally, I think a week is the ideal. It is both not too long and not to short, it is really the perfect time space for this particular situation. Less than a week can be very annoying.

    And I think a week can do just fine for you to oay the money you owe.
  4. Hozyboy

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    I also agree that a week is fine. But some debtors take advantage of your kindness and default another week. Then I think calling every hour is appropriate because we made an agreement that you have to honor. I help you you help me.
  5. swalia

    swalia New Member

    I think a grace period of a week should be allowed. Sometimes the paychecks can be late or a person cannot make payment due to some emergency. A grace period of at least a week should be allowed by the debt collectors.
  6. Susan

    Susan New Member

    Usually it is 10 days after the bill becomes due that they will contact you. That is the way it is here anyway. Most of them do not call before then.
    I know of some companies who don't call until the next payment is due and they still haven't seen the last payment. The day after seems a bit
    ridiculous to me. The cell phone company I had in the past was like that. They will call the next day and they even called at 3 am. Needless to
    say I changed providers and have not have a problem since.
  7. sheebah7

    sheebah7 New Member

    I think the debt collectors should not contact us by calling...maybe just stick to sending letters and emails. After maybe a month or so a phone call should be done. I just don't think we should be bombarded with calls..because most people use email and texts more...maybe they should be able to send texts...this is better than calling.
  8. remnant

    remnant Member

    It depends on your cooperation. Most people promise to give a feedback on the progress or effort they are making to pay the debt to debt collectors only to hang up and perpetually keep silent. Others ignore all other forms of correspondence like emails like the plague and the debt collector has no choice but to exert himself by calling. On the other hand, some are too persistent that they offend the sensitivities of an otherwise promising debtor. Balance and good judgement are needed here.
  9. melik

    melik Active Member

    I think that depending on the date that you get your salary, there should be a grace period of at least 15 days, after that is fair game as if you have not shown signs of willingness to pay the debt after half a month they have a good reason to be suspicious about your intentions. The best way to handle a scenario like this is to establish this kind of conditions on the contract.
  10. tpicks

    tpicks Member

    Like you rightly put it I think at least three days should be fine to wait before bumping on the student to collect the debt. There should always be a grace period in matters of debt collection. Give the debtor some extra days to come up with the payment, failure to do so then the debt collector may resort to any legal form to get the money.
  11. Working Buck

    Working Buck New Member

    I think receiving another call from a debt collector especially the same debt collector the following day is definitely unbearable. Actually, I have the same problem too. I have this unpaid loan and the collector has been calling me everyday which is absolutely annoying. I am aware that it's my fault that I was behind a month, however I believe receiving a call from a debt collector every single day despite giving him a payment date, still it seems that they simply don't care which is so really irritating.
  12. pwarbi

    pwarbi Active Member

    In the past when I haven't been able to pay a bill of debt on time, I've always found that the companies do give me a so called 'grace period' of about 14 days before they get in touch. By then though the payment as already been made so for them to call you the day after does seem a little unfair in my opinion. I do get that the debt collectors have a job to do, but at the same time if they know that a person pay's eventually, though maybe not on time, they should leave a little time before they start to harass a customer.
  13. Fuzyon

    Fuzyon Member

    Debt collectors usually call me after a week or two for my internet and TV bills in case I miss a payment, otherwise the rest don't care that much unless it goes on for longer than 2 months. After that they send me letters and the debt collectors have the opportunity to "speak" to me directly.
  14. tpicks

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    It also depends on the agreement between you and the debt collector especially if the debt has not linger for too long. There may times that the debt collector may lose the cool and dash into the debtor at will, this ugly development may likely happen where the debt has been for quite long time.