How To Keep A Debt Collector From Calling You At Work

Discussion in 'Debt Collection' started by julia, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. julia

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    I finally found out the answer to a question I asked a while back. I was worried that debt collectors would try to contact my at work. Then I found out that if you tell the debt collector you are not allowed to get calls at your work, then legally they cannot call you there. Fair debt collection Practices Act is where you find this piece of information. So if you want to keep a debt collector from calling you at work, make sure you tell them you are not allowed to be called there.
  2. IcyFirefly

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    I am glad you have found this information, and it is so useful to know. I will sure be passing it around whenever the subject comes up. My neighbor is currently in trouble with this sort of thing on her credit card; they pestered her day and night. She is worried that it will escalate at work very soon.

    However, you have given me this information which is very helpful! Thank you...
  3. mett1982

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    That is some great information! I use to have collectors for my student loans calling me at work. It was so annoying. Sometimes I told them I was at work and I couldn't talk to them right now and hung up on them. Once the guy called me right back and told me that it was rude of me to hang up on him! I will definitely pass this information along. It's very helpful. Thank you!
  4. Rizal

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    I think you should talk to the debt collector. If the the debt collector has a valid reason to call you in the office then you should talk to the debt collector personally to come out with an agreement which both of you would agree to avoid such misunderstanding and miss communication.
  5. Nocturnal Writer

    Nocturnal Writer Active Member

    I do agree with you. You got the point. It should be discussed objectively to avoid misunderstanding. When is the proper time to be called up, when is the proper time to settle the debt and they could be arranged in a well-mannered discussion either personally or by a call.
  6. hedonologist

    hedonologist New Member

    This sometimes does not stop them, despite you being factually correct OP. However most of the time it will, and it certainly will help your case if they do so, despite having given them notice. Reminding them of the act will also often deter them from breaking the law, especially if they know you are aware of it.
  7. poster432

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    That is good information to know, thank you for sharing all of this with us. I think that a debt collector should not just be able to contact you whenever they want, especially when you are busy. It is a shame that the word privacy does not really exist anymore.
  8. ReadmeByAmy

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    This is absolutely right that when a debt collector is trying to call you or even harassing you even in your workplace you can tell them that you are not allowing them to call you anytime they want to do so. Show to them that you knew also your right as a debtor. And that you knew the legalities of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act like what @julia had said. Debt can be settled in an orderly manner with the terms of payment that had been compromised and agreed upon by both the creditor and debtor.
  9. thisnthat

    thisnthat Active Member

    Yes, sometimes they will still do this. That is considered harassment. You can report them (for all the good it will do). Letting them know that you know your rights, will slow some of them down. Others are much more stubborn.
  10. remnant

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    In my opinion, it should not get to the point where the debt collector has to call you. You should call them first and arrange an appointment to preempt the possibility of them calling you at work and explain to them why its not allowed. How about using a separate phone number for your work contacts during the duration when you are engaged?
  11. Zeta

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    I've never experienced receiving collection calls at the office because I dutifully pay my debt on time. If I were the person who can't pay and is being hounded by collection calls, I'll take the effort to call the creditor myself. Having said that, it's great that there are laws that protect debtors from debt collectors who try to intimidate and issue an implicit threat by calling a debtor on his/her place of work. It's a good thing that my country has passed a law similar to that which is being implemented in USA.
  12. tpicks

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    Simple as you have rightly put it. The best way to stop a debt collector from reaching you at office hours is to politely explain to them why they should not call at office hours. I am not into borrowing or buying things on credit and haven't actually experience this.
  13. vinaya

    vinaya Member

    I pay my debts through easy monthly installments. When I burrow money, I will always have paying terms such when should I pay the money, how much is the interest rate, how should I pay the money, entire money at once or through easy installments. Since I choose easy installments, I am able to pay certain portion of my debts every month. Since I pay my debts, I dot get calls from debt collectors.
  14. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Active Member

    There are work places that prohibits workers to use the company phone other than for official calls only. In fact, I had worked in a factory before that would only let you use the phone for very important personal matters particularly in emergency cases. So if you get a call that is from a debt collector, the phone operator can just drop that call (that is upon your instruction). It would be unethical for a debt collector to call you at work if you have provided them with your home number. And now with the cellphone, I think it is only fair if you would give them your number.
  15. Jasmin Cottontail

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    The problem with debt collectors is essentially they couldn't care less with what you do or what you are not permitted to do as long as they can collect money from you. I'm not saying all but there are tons of Debt Collectors who have this irritating attitude. I'm certainly aware that they're just doing their job however they don't need to be excessively aggressive in a way that they disregard your rights and privacy.

    I think the best way to counteract or stop this is for you to know your rights and tell the Debt Collector what you know, that you can sue them with harassment. Simply know the law and outsmart them. Try not to let them spook you only for you to pay.