How will our children survive while paying back student loan debt?

Discussion in 'Debt Collection' started by Carmen, Sep 29, 2016.

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    The statistics are unbelievable in the US with regards to how many students are coming out of school with tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of student loan debt. Many students would not be able to attend college if there were no student loans available. The harsh reality is many of these students once graduated are now sentenced to a life of poverty, and working endless hours just to pay their debt. I was one of those students who despite coming from a hardworking middle class family, I was dependent on student loans. The downside truth of it all, is that the system is designed to keep you poor. Many people are not able to completely pay off their loans with income from their paycheck. Great sacrifice takes place in order to accomplish this goal.
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    Having a good education is utmost and you shouldn't starve to repay student loans. There are options today that many in Congress worked hard for and I have signed petitions to help people repay student loans. One good place to start is this site from our government. My friend was in the same situation as you're in and I heard of student loan forgiveness and let her know of it as I'm telling you about it now. She was so relieved for she lost her job and was paying off her loan too and she's a grandmother already! Don't panic. There are other help that you can find at too like EBT or foodstamps, rental subsidy and more. Hope this helps you and your family. Take care and don't panic.
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    Maybe I will agree with that line that says "the system is designed to keep you poor" because I have heard so many complaints about student loans. When I was in the US so many years ago, my brother-in-law and his sister told me that when they graduate, the need to get a job with a good pay so they can pay back their student loan in 2 year's time otherwise it may take them 5 years to clear that obligation. It's really for those students in the US because education is so expensive unlike here in our country, college students can work part time to finance their studies.