I Got A Weird Call A Few Nights Ago

Discussion in 'Debt Collection' started by Shasta, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. Shasta

    Shasta New Member

    A few nights ago I got a call around 6pm. It was supposedly from some company that I had gotten an online payday loan from and had never paid back. This sounds just crazy to me because I have never gotten an online payday loan from anyone.
    However, they did have my email and the account number for a prepaid debit card bank account that I have not used in at least 5 years. But I absolutely did not take out this loan and no one has ever used the debit account either. I had closed the account shortly after I got it because they wanted to start charging me a monthly fee for using it.
    I told the lady who called I had no idea what this was and did not get the loan and she said she'd turn it over to their fraud department. Alrighty then...
  2. sheebah7

    sheebah7 New Member

    You might want to take a look at your credit report. There could have been someone to use this account without your specific knowledge. I would not count this disturbing news out until you really look and see if it's on your credit report.
  3. rodrigo menezes

    rodrigo menezes New Member

    Yes, like sheebah7 said, I think it is better if you check your credit report. Like he said as well, someone may have been using your account without you knowing.

    In cases like this, it's always better to play safe than sorry.
  4. toradrake

    toradrake New Member

    Oh yeah, check your credit report. Also contact the card company and speak with them. If there is fraud, you can get the debit erased from your account. There are also scams that work this way also. There are people who get access to old account information and contact you with a bogus debt collection story trying to get your current account information. I have heard of people getting scammed that way.
  5. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Active Member

    That sounds scary, charging you for something you have are not liable to. That caller is bold to give you that call considering that he knows he is trying to scam you. You are right on your reaction because that is an old debit card.

    There were 2 times that I received a credit card in the (postal) mail that is already active and can be used. I wonder how they got hold of my information. But I didn't use it. After a month or two, I received another mail but a billing this time that the credit card is billing me for the annual membership fee. What? When I called the credit card company, the one who responded was trying to convince me to use the card and she can waive the fees so practically the card is for free. Guess what I did?
  6. rz3300

    rz3300 New Member

    Anytime an account that has not been used in five years is suddenly used it is certainly a red flag, and hopefully the fraud department can identify who was trying to access it. These types of things just seem to be popping up more and more now with more clever techniques and schemes to get all of the information that they can from you. Best to stay on your toes and stay on top of your accounts.
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  7. Ram Shah

    Ram Shah New Member

    Its more than likely that it is a scam. Before you agree to anything just crosscheck details with your bank. Such incidents have occurred to other people and they threaten you so that you are forced into agreeing. Don't get pressurized most of the time it's just people looking to score easy money at the cost of others. If you are sure about not taking a loan (no chance you have forgotten) I strongly advise you to just ignore the call! Let's see if you get another call. All in all, sounds fishy to me!
  8. briannagodess

    briannagodess New Member

    I'd have to agree that you need to make sure that no one has used your account details and is pretending to be you. It's just, the internet is full of scammers nowadays. Personal information and credit card information can be stolen without us knowing it. So if you can just make sure that no one is making use of your identity, then you'll be okay.
  9. Danidemure

    Danidemure New Member

    I would definitely look further into this. Some could have stolen yoyr identity and still may have your info. Check your credit report for free using credit karma. Dispute and report anything that isn't yours.
  10. mett1982

    mett1982 New Member

    I would look more into something like this. Maybe check out your credit report to make sure that this loan isn't outstanding on your credit history because that would mess up your credit. If they have your personal information that would be very worrisome to me. Hopefully someone didn't steal any of your information and took out at loan on your behave. Definitely look into this and don't brush it under the rug. It might just be a scammer trying to phish for your information as well. Unfortunately everyday we have to be worried if someone is going to be able to hack into our computers and steal everything we have worked for. I hope everything works out for you.
  11. juliets_journal

    juliets_journal New Member

    Wow, this is scary. I can imagine how you felt being accused of having some online debt to pay yet you are clueless on the matter. You should definitely dig deep into the matter to figure out what exactly is going on. Nevertheless, there could also be a probability that someone used your card and took a loan with it leaving you with the responsibility.
  12. Susan

    Susan New Member

    I would say that it is definitely a scam. They received the information somehow through whatever you used that card for back then. It is scary but I would definitely check further into it.
    There are so many of these scams going on. Somebody on here had posted about something similar last week. It was a call they received about a payday loan that they never took out. Not
    sure all the details but I kind of remember reading it.
  13. Shasta

    Shasta New Member

    I am definitely checking on this. I plan on running my credit report to see if there's anything that looks suspicious. I do not have the card anymore b/c I threw it away once I was told the account was closed. However, I am going to try and find the contact info for the company the prepaid debit card was through and hopefully they can locate the account. It is just a shame that scams like these can be done and some people would believe them enough to actually pay them for a loan they never got in the first place.
  14. morgoodie

    morgoodie New Member

    I would definitely check to make sure that it is not on your credit report. It sounds like they were either trying to get more information from you or someone got your information and used the card. If it was cancelled before this loan was to have taken place then you should be good. I hope you get this figured out and have nothing against your credit. Good luck.
  15. insomnia

    insomnia New Member

    This sounds like a pretty advanced case of attempted social engineering coupled with some information they already have. Once again, credit report. There might have been something that you did to get your email or card number indexed, and that's not necessarily a good thing.
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  16. Swadiddle

    Swadiddle New Member

    Definitely a scam. The best thing you can do in these situations is to save as much info as you can get, try to lead them on and then report them through your local police dept and phone service provider. Phone service providers can do quite a bit of damage to scammers since they can find patterns in who they're calling and where they originate. Don't be afraid, people like these are just straight up trying to steal from hard-working, regular folks.
  17. tomstrong

    tomstrong New Member

    It is possible that it and the company are both victims of the sand crook. In that case the company SHOULD be willing to work with you, but they may not care, only want to get every penny they can from whoever they can. If they won't work with you, consider them to be crooks and go for the jugular vein!
  18. pwarbi

    pwarbi Active Member

    I've had call's like these in the past and it is just usually a way of trying to find out where a person is living, and they might not even be necessarily looking for you, just a person with a similar name. If you know for certain that you've definitely not taken out that loan, check your credit report and make sure there's nothing on there that is untoward.

    My guess is that you'll probably never hear from them again though, because they've either established that you not the person they want, or because you handled the call as you should in the first place and it is a scam, then they wont be brave enough to try again.
  19. thisnthat

    thisnthat Active Member

    Did you cut up the card before throwing it away? If not, it's a good idea to do that next time.

    Someone may have used your info for a payday loan. It may also be that your info was sold by the original company, and now someone is using that info to try to scam you out of money that you don't owe.

    Sad but true, some people will be caught off guard and fall for a scam like this.
  20. Nocturnal Writer

    Nocturnal Writer Active Member

    The safe to do is to ignore it. Take the number and refer it to your legal counsel if you have one. Your legal counsel will have to take any legal action against them and in return, you will be paid off the moral damages. Moreover, don't forget to take all the details of the weird caller for evidence that will be turned over to your legal counsel.