Linking Up Your Credit/debit Card Details

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  1. Decentlady

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    Be careful of scam emails that ask you to link up your bank/debit/credit card details. On careful look the sender address and the domain name has nothing to do with anything remotely related to your bank or payout services.

    They impersonate bank webpages and appear to be from a certain bank but they are scams.
  2. mastkesar

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    I have already received many emails like this and I know how to report them up. There are many reporting websites. I have used some of them to report the emails. To know that this email is fake or real, you just need to contact your bank. This is the best tactic that works.
  3. Alexandoy

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    A friend had received something like that but the gist of the email is about a scholarship. It is a college scholarship in Australia where the grantee can have free accommodation and with a monthly stipend for the expenses while studying the 4-year course. It's a good thing that my friend is past the age of schooling so his reaction was to laugh. But how about it if the receiver of the email is a frustrated student with no resources to continue his studies? I guess he would be duped.
  4. Decentlady

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    Lol @Alexandoy. This made me laugh too. Honestly, don't scammer even bother to think how will the recipient react to their emails? I mean atleast there should be some relevance while conning.

    It is too obvious that this was a hoax and only people misunderstanding like it could help my child can get conned.
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  5. Fuzyon

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    It's also a good idea to not add your credit/debit card account details on sites that say you can cancel your subscription at any time, it's likely you can't and you're going to have to go through a whole process with your bank to block money transfers from that particular site.
  6. Binu

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    I have linked my bank account on couple of sites, paypal, amazon and payza. While registering on any site, if I am required to enter bank details, I will abandon it immediately. Even for the eligibility of free service or products, I don't enter bank details. I always have this fear that the site will bill me without informing me. I have heard this kind of horror stories from people I know.
  7. ray

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    I have been contacted by different scammers that wanted me to help in how to activate my credit card but my account showed that my card was active and there was no need to do anything else. I always tell all callers to stop heir tricks because no bank initiate such procedure unless called.
  8. vinaya

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    I have linked my credit card on my paypal, payza, and amazon account. I think there is no problem in linking cards to these website. I use other payment processors such as skrill, neteller, perfect money, however, I have not linked my cards to these websites. Having said that I have used my cards to make payment on various websites.
    Well actually, I once tried linking my card to payeer, however, it rejected my card saying that I could not give enough proof whether the card is actually mine or not.
  9. Zeta

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    To avoid being scammed, I simply never avail of offers or give any information to a caller. All credit card companies and banks have dedicated hotline and this is usually printed on the back of the card. If I need something, I can just call that number. Some banksactually allow their telemarketers to use landline numbers/cellphone numbers other than the hotline. This is a no-no for me. I listen to what the telemarketer has to say but call the bank's hotline to talk to their customer representative.
  10. vinaya

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    If you receive an offer when you actually wanted, you would surely be scammed. For instance, I was once scammed.I wanted to create an offshore bank account and I found a book that offered to provide me details. However, after I bought, I found out there was no information instead asked more money to send more details.
  11. moondebi

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    Without an authentic proof, there is no question of linking a credit or debit card. Financial documents are confidential, and based on a fake email people are not going to provide important information like that. Online platforms are flooded with fraudulent offers. One should be really careful before trying to avail any of them.
  12. CharlesBrive

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    While making payment debit notes/credit notes are adjusted with one invoice. In the Payment Overview we can see that the debit note/credit note has been adjusted with which invoice. How to find out the link from tables. want to develop a report for that.Would like to knopw the sql for that.