Love is a crazy game...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ghost_Writer, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. Ghost_Writer

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    If we stop to think about it, love is really a crazy game!

    Two persons who engage one another and sometimes as different from each other and decide to share a life together. Love each other, protect each other, help each other... And then, when it doesn't work (often after many years... or not), the end is the separation.

    What is the reason all this effort after all? Be happy?!
  2. Carmen

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    Love is indeed the single most complex experience of our lives, other than birth and death. We spend our entire time on this planet searching for and trying to experience this phenomenon. Literally there are trillions of people who walk the earth yet finding one single compatible mate can sometimes be the most difficult thing we ever do. For others it just happens quite naturally. I wonder what the odds are for anyone when it comes to meeting a compatible mate or maybe even their one and true soul mate. Considering all the people in the world, I would imagine that number is extremely high in odds against it. That is why people need to try harder to work their differences and stop taking their blessings for granted.