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Discussion in 'Phishing and Scam Calls' started by remnant, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. remnant

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    I saw an advert in a local newspaper advertising for jobs last year. I saw it as an opportunity to launch into greener pastures. They called me after submitting my details. I was planning to resign from a job I was holding as the offer seemed so realistic only to find that it was a marketing gimmick by a MLM company called GNLD which sells health products. We were actually being required to make am investment instead of being hired!
  2. Alexandoy

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    That MLM to sell products is as old as yours truly. When I was in high school, I had 2 cousins who were duped into applying for a job which promises good pay for supervisory position even without experience. But first, they had to shell money for the application form, the ID picture (the company's photographer will take the photo) and some other miscellaneous expenses. When paid, here comes the selling kit - a bag of fruit juice. Now they had changed to health products.
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    MLM is a good marketing concept but scammers are giving it a bad name. Most so-called MLM models are actually pyramiding schemes where people can earn by recruiting downlines and earning a portion of the registration fee. In one MLM company I know, the registration fee includes company products, group accident insurance, and the chance to recruit your own downlines. These companies would often try to convince people to sign up by showing a certificate of registration from a government regulatory body. Well, people should be warned that anyone can register a company by paying some fees and submitting Articles of Incorporation. However, a certificate of registration is never a guarantee that a company is not operating as a scam company. In our country, for example, our corporate regulatory body has already declared that a business model where members earn from the registration fee of a downline is a pyramiding scheme.
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    Think before you leap goes the saying. In case, you have resigned from your job, you've found yourself to nowhere then. This is unsolicited advice. Don't leave your job unless you've already been hired by your prospective employer. Seeking for a greener pasture is like starting to find a new job all over again. You take again the first step unless you are recommended by your friend. Or you are directly hired.
  5. ray

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    We see such pages full of such advertisements in national dailies in regional languages mostly. They offer such high income that even a boy of 15 will know their intention but I know hundreds of unemployed youngsters get hooked and pay them a good amount. Most of these companies are run by scammers who keep unsuspecting youngsters in front and disappear after collecting money into their bank accounts.
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    I once saw an advert which promised a fat salary. I went to the office, I have to fill a form and pay form charge, which was not much. Two days later they called me and said I was selected. When I went to the office they said I need to do some training, and have to pay money for training. I said enough and walked away, later I learned that they collected a huge money and ran away.