Needing Help With Payment Dispute!

Discussion in 'Debt Collection' started by lucy2017, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. lucy2017

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    Hopefully someone here will be able to help me!
    A while back, I was looking to make a family tree. I started a few trials to see which website would be best to use.
    I thought I had cancelled all the trials in time, however there was one website I had forgotten about. I had put my paypal information in, but it wouldn't allow me, at the time, to complete the rest of my profile therefore I never got the chance to use it and forgot all about it.
    However, a few weeks ago I then get an email to say that they had taken £60 out of paypal account. They had charged me for an annual membership because I hadn't cancelled my free trial. I wasn't aware that an annual membership would be taken out at the end of the trial at any time.
    I cancelled the subscription immediatly and contacted the company. I got a reply a couple of days later saying they were happy to assist and would email soon.
    However a week later I hadn't heard anything.
    So I emailed again and tried to call. I have had no answer.
    I decided to dispute this with paypal however they denied my claim.
    I won't be using this service, and haven't used this service. I've not even filled my profile in, searched for a record, anything.
    I really can't afford the £60 to be taken at the moment and was wondering what other options I can take to get it back?
  2. armyriley

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    The only other options would be to dispute with with your bank / card that pay pal charged. However I really think it is all going to be up to the company to issue a refund and that will be depend on the company's policy as technically you didn't cancel the trial membership in time.
  3. beasleym1989

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    Unfortunately, I don't think that there is much that you can do. A lot of these sites run the free 30-day free trial in the hopes that people will forget to cancel their membership and ultimately be charged the full value. When you signed you up, you agreed to pay that amount if you didn't cancel (I'm sure it was in VERY small print.) They will take that and run with it. All you can really do is cross your fingers and hope that the company might start answering and be willing to refund you.
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  4. vinaya

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    Since paypal already denied your dispute, there is nothing that you can do to get your money. Try to find out whether there is membership cancellation option offered by the website. If there is no such option, your money is gone. Trial membership is also a way to trap customer in a hope that they will forget to cancel free membership and will be charged for paid membership.

    ACSAPA New Member

    You can also try pestering them on social media. I once had a dispute with Kmart about a return that they didn't credit me for. The normal channels didn't work, so I just started harassing them on their Facebook page until a manager processed my refund. That time I acted like the bill collector. I see why rude collection tactics are so effective.
  6. lucy2017

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    Thank you everyone! It eventually got sorted so panic over :) I kept emailing them and they eventually got in contact with me, and we managed to sort it out. I have definitely learnt my lesson with this one:rolleyes:
  7. Ram Shah

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    Yeah websites use this scheme of free month to lure in customers and hope that they forgot about the date of expiration. If you are even a day late, they will charge you for a month and that is how they make profits! Netflix is a popular example. Unless PayPal or the bank which is linked to your PayPal account cooperates, I'm afraid the chances of you getting back your money are negligible :(
  8. mett1982

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    Unless you keep contact the company for the refund, I don't think that is much you can do to dispute the charges. I have signed up for those free trails on a bunch of times and in the the agree with the free trail they state that have the free trail your credit card will be charged. Maybe you missed that with the site that you use. That would be pretty messed up if they didn't state that in their agreement with the free trail. I think you should be a little more careful and read what you are actually signing up for. Instead of just clicking through things. I am totally guilty of doing that myself! I'm sure the company will be more than willing to work with you to provide you with a refund!
  9. djcheck

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    It's a little surprising to see that paypal denied you. They have never done so with me. I mean they pulled the money right out of this buggers account when I told them about my issue. In any case, the best option you have is to make sure that the company does not charge you again. And for that you either need to remove your card details from paypal or change your email address (yes you can do that).
  10. briannagodess

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    I'm glad that PayPal has finally sorted things out with you. It's truly a lesson learned, not just for you, but for us as well. I am quite skeptical of these trials and try to refrain from giving them my information. As much as I can, I only try products that don't ask for my credit information. Unfortunately, there are only a few of those products. So as much as possible, I'd advice you to stay away from them as well or be mindful of when your trial is up.

    Maybe keep a journal or notebook and keep track of your trial periods. Or better yet, keep a desk calendar and mark the dates when your trial is going to end. Good luck and I hope this is the last issue you have with PayPal!
  11. IcyFirefly

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    So glad to read that you've sorted it out!

    This is why I dislike to sign up for free trial of anything since I can't remember or putting around when I told myself "I will do it later" kind of thing.

    During the Holidays, I signed up for Amazon Prime free trial period and to remind me to cancel in less than 30 days, I used to sticky note on my laptop and the reminder on my phone to cancel it! Needless to say, with this methods, I was able to keep on top of this or else I would have been charged :)
  12. karmaskeeper

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    My advice to you, and anyone signing up for a trail of anything is don't do it with your main cash follow account. These companies know perfectly well what they are doing I have worked as a customer service agent. Buy you a prepaid debit card put enough money on it to do any trail offers you want. That way they can't hit your main account you probably did cancel in time. The whole point of you having to call, and cancel a membership is for the agent on the phone try, and talk you into staying.

    The magic words to say are these when you cancel. Get the agents full name date, time etc. get a cancellation confirmation number when you cancel. Also tell them you have a friend that works as a customer service agent, and you know the tricks of the trade. Tell them your account best be cancelled if it isn't you'll be contacting AG, FTC, and BBB. The final tip tell the agent you are recording the call as proof you cancelled your account. Trust me this is death to them it shuts them down from their underhanded ways. Not all companies operate like this mind you, but a lot do.
  13. sheebah7

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    I would put that transaction in dispute with my bank. They will research the issue and really get down to the charge in dispute. I would keep contacting that company, but at this moment the money is gone so you might as well accept that right now...but you should never stop trying to get your money back.
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  14. karmaskeeper

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    Good point another good way to get their attention is to have the bank on the call with you. When you call them to get your money back. This will help resolve the issue faster as well. If you don't push the issue you won't get your money back, that is what they are hoping for. That you will give up, and go away and they don't refund you they keep your money.

    I had a button on my screen that I could click if a person had the bank on the line, or if they mention a lawyer, or any of the agencies I mention in my prior post. The button was to refund the persons money as a priority. Because they knew the person meant business, and they would be investigated for wrong doing they didn't want that. Most people just give up because they don't know how to handle it. Just try what I have posted here, and see for yourself. I wish you much luck in getting it resolved.
  15. poster432

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    If possible, you need to dispute the charges. On PayPal, see if you can do a chargeback to get your money back. Also, contact your credit card company.
  16. morgoodie

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    You may not be able to get your money back as you failed to cancel your membership. I have had this happen to me before. You may have to keep trying to get a hold of the company as they are the only ones who will probably issue you a refund. Sounds like they are trying to dodge you by not getting back into contact with you. If you keep calling them or emailing them, they may eventually breakdown and give you the refund.
  17. DR S

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    Even if you never applied for such (i.e. - ID Theft, Hacker, Fraud, et al); either the company or someone (specifically like a "upset family/relative", troll (internet), your neighbor, etc) can create an account without your knowledge!

    The worse case was this one (2015) eHarmony was the dating website. THIS IS A FEDERAL FELONY!

    Someone created an account using just ONLY an email address AND a valid bank account number (in this case was a checking account); used the site (a popular dating website). Only noticed when 3 electronic (ACH) payments to Utilities were rejected. Account was nearly at $5.00 balance!

    Investigation by Law Enforcement revealed:
    1) Account was created in California
    2) Company's Headquarters is in California
    3) It was a Male who was imposed upon the account
    a) was specifically after 2 targeted females
    b) only active for just a little over a week
    4) Account became abandoned in less 12 days of usage
    5) $1695.00 (Lifetime membership) was automatically withdrawn
    a) Fraud was filed
    b) Refund ordered
    c) Ordered account closure
    i) "Dating Site" claims "they could fix it where I could have access" (NO!)
    ii) Detective was about to place a Felony Arrest via FBI (Immediate account closure)


    1) Bank immediately put account in Red Flag (under order of Detective)
    2) New account created
    a) Had to deposit $3500 so bills could be paid
    3) Detective ordered the Dating Site to refund money
    a) Gave them 24 hours to refund $1695.00 back to the account
    b) "They" refused at first, claiming "her brother created it" - until he finally informed them she does not have a brother
    c) Lots of bickering back and forth (eHarmony was protesting everything even though they were informed it was fraudulent, a federal felony)
    4) They refunded only $350.00
    a) Bank notified the Detective and myself
    b) (Back to the Bank) Detective then made a return call
    5) They (eHarmony) are not going to refund the remainder to the fact the account was:
    * Valid and used
    * Criminal usage of someone other than the genuine person is NOT their fault
    * They would have to arrest the person who did this
    * They do not control who's who online unless as per ToS (Terms of Service) - Criminals, Threats, Serials, (et al)


    I filed suit against eHarmony; Judge threw the case out for one specific reason. WHO WAS THE OFFENDER WHO DID THIS? No one knows, except it was done in California, created in California, and used in California. Yes, they (eHarmony) would have to refund the entire balance but the bottom line is ... 'WAS THE PERSON WHO DID THIS ARRESTED?'

    As peeved as the Victim's Advocate and Detective were, I'm just lucky I got some of the money back. IT'S TRUE, the BANK is not at fault because the routing and account number was provided and used when application was created; sadly, it makes NO DIFFERENCE where you're located. If the account was valid, it can and will be used whether anyone authorized it or not, whether one's aware of this or not! Out of the millions of people residing in California ... WHO DID IT? One of them did it but WHO?

    The 2 females weren't of any assistance to the case because they both blocked the male who was harassing them. I do acknowledge one female resided in Hawaii the other female resided in New York (high end). Both remembered his profile was very vague, had just "CEO" of some "multi-million dollar business". No knowledge of his nationality, age, or anything. While the Detective in Economic Crimes Division did find one thing out: Both women are very well-do and well-set. (In other words - has a lot of $$$$) Everyone agreed the male who did this was most likely a "Gold Digger".

    Meanwhile, I'm out of $1345 - still waiting for the FDIC to pay back for this. Which will most likely be finally coming through and soon!