Newest scam on Ebay, You ordered an appliance,console or gadget but you end up with a picture of it.

Discussion in 'Other Scams' started by Billy, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Working Buck

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    I feel sad for those people who got scammed by these sellers or should I say scammers however I find it amusing. I find it amusing due to the fact that these kinds of people do really exist and has the guts to scam people. Some people choose to shop online so they can save money or lessen the hassle in going at a local store with lots of shoppers, but sometimes they end up being victimized by these scammers.

    In my opinion, it's ideal to spend more at a local store wherein you can get the product instantly as opposed to spend less in an online shop and end up receiving only the photo of the item you've purchased. Ebay should really need take an action regarding this case.
  2. precaution

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    I prefer to spend time in local market while purchasing goods especially electronic goods because in case of an issue or faulty product I can directly approach them. While in online shopping, in case of an issue you need to courier that back to them and the courier charges need to be given from your pocket. You may also end up losing a lot of time in the process.

    Moreover, there are a lot of scams in online shopping. In Amazon you can find a Samsung USB charger which actually is a fake product. You can see a lot of negatives reviews about it. I wonder why Amazon does not ban such sellers.
  3. mastkesar

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    These types of scams are increasing day by day and eBay really need to do something to stop this. If they didn't stop, buyers would not come. The seller has already been banned and I hope eBay will hunt and ban many fraud sellers out there.
  4. precaution

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    I read that there is a new turning point in these scams. It is not the seller but the buyer is playing the part of scams here. After receiving the original product they just post that they did not receive the product but only an image. This type of scams are very rampant these days. These buyers then fight for their money back and shopping sites like Amazon and eBay always try to be on the buyer's side. Finally the seller is forced to repay the amount through the shopping site and buyer enjoy a two fold benefit - the product and also the money he spent on the product.

    I was just wondering why on earth a seller would do something like that when it can easily tarnish their image on the site and nobody will go to them ever. Most of these sites have feedback systems.
  5. tpicks

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    Is this a huge joke? Unbelievable! Before these notorious sellers rubbish that site and push the reputation to negative a strict measure should be in place to police the activities of sellers and buyers, make sure the real correct goods ordered are mailed out. I was planning of getting a computer for my family but from seeing this I am going to hold back.