OUR MINDS: The most dangerous place in the world!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ghost_Writer, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. Ghost_Writer

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    Can you imagine a more dangerous place for us humans than our own minds (even if yours is poorly developed/undeveloped :))?

    Our minds produce everything they want, and make us believe it. With this, we ended up taking some actions (in various ways.. good or bad) that aren't part of our profile.
  2. ray

    ray Member

    So why call it most dangerous? I would like to call it as most productive place where the ideas begin- good or bad depends how a person designs his schemes. One can give his mind a direction which leads him to a particular direction only.
  3. Nocturnal Writer

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    I beg to disagree with you that our mind is a dangerous place in our body. Our mind evaluates what is good and what is bad for us. When it is good, we feel something good too and we have the peace of mind. Everything is in order. When it is something unusual or it doesn't fit with our happiness, it gives the warning and the caution of not doing it. Therefore, it isn't dangerous. What you mean is what you think is what you are. That is the thinker is the doer.
  4. kamai

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    It is the most dangerous in the way that we can rethink things. If we think things that are not really real we can get stressed over nothing. For example if we see that our partner is acting strangely we can immidiately think that something must be wrong with them or even the entire relationship. Then that makes us make up different scenes in our minds of what can be going on. Most of the time there nothing going on but our minds does think there is.
  5. Carmen

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    This topic really interests me because I literally live, breathe and act on the thoughts and suggestions of my own mind. I appreciate so much my most prize possession. As a creative person, we tend to hold our minds in the highest regards. As an air sign; through astrology, I am constantly stretching and exercising my mind muscle. I like to learn new things everyday and not stay stuck mentally. Intellectual conversations really stimulate my senses and I gravitate towards cerebral people, like brainiacs. For some, however, the brain can be a dark and confusing place. Chemical imbalances and biological short wirings inside the brain cause serious mental health issues. The advancement of research for Alzheimer patients is amazing and is making so much progress. Alzheimer's is one of those diseases where the victim literally becomes trapped inside the dark and empty crevices of the mind.