Over $25 Million Lost in Valentine's Romance Scam

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    Don't be fooled, Valentine's day is all about love, romance, and scams. Scammers target singles over Facebook, twitter, and other social media outlets. If you are online looking for love then beware of the romance scam. Unsuspecting singles are targeted by scammers using very believable social profiles and even stolen/hacked accounts to manipulate you into giving them the information they want. If you meet someone online that seems too good to be true, you need to do some research on them.

    Here are some red flags when meeting people online looking for love:

    1. If the person you just met is asking for your income, financial details, or credit card info, they are a scammer.
    2. If the person you just met is asking you to send money to one of their friends, they are a scammer.
    3. If the person you just met is asking for intimate photos, they are a scammer and a creeper. Don't send any photos that could be used to blackmail you in the future.
    4. If the person you just met on an online dating site is insisting you contact them over private emails or phone, they are possibly a scammer. Saying possibly because the person you met could just want to talk over the phone but online dating sites have their own messaging system so if something seems off then don't give your phone number out. Once they have your phone number, a scammer can do a reverse phone number search and find out everything about you.
    5. Do a quick Google search of the person contacting you and see if there is any information that doesn't add up.