Warning To Credit Card Holders

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  1. Alexandoy

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    I received this text from the credit card company...

    "All cardholders are cautioned never to disclose any personal information to unauthorized personnel posing as our company's representatives. To verify the legitimacy of a call or transaction, contact our company's Customer Contact Center number indicated at the back of your credit card. "

    Obviously, there is a scam or phishing going on and victimizing their credit card holders.
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  2. Karin

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    Thank you, that makes sense.

    Any fishy statement or notice you get in your mail from the bank, it is best to ignore. Specially if it sounds extremely urgent. Instead head to the website of your bank instead, login to your account and check if there is any notification of the same sort. If it is a legitimate thing they will advice you in your dashboard. So never fill out forms directly in your mail or links from your mail. Always use a new tab where you manually entered the bank's address and double check there.

    Hopefully we get more information of the newer phishing scam that is going on.
  3. kamai

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    Yes, before doing anything said in an email or even a text about our credit cards we should always contact the company directly first. We can't risk our money or lifetime savings with anything, we must always make sure that everything is real. It's a good thing that you got warned.
  4. mastkesar

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    These scam companies will always try to steal your credit card information. You should always check the background of a specific company on the Internet before trying giving your credit card companies. Even the new companies are turning into scam. So, you should always trust a settled and a reputed company and try to stay away from the scam.
  5. remnant

    remnant Member

    Some of these scams are run by former employees of credit card companies in collusion with existing ones. One common denominator about these people is that they are tech savvy and there is a flourishing black market that is adept at acquiring details of credit card and debit card PIN codes including inserting tiny lens at terminals in order to get a screenshot of personal details for onward transmission.
  6. Decentlady

    Decentlady Member

    The banks that I am with frequently send a reminder of such emails.

    Keeping that in mind I try to only communicate with a bank personnel directly or use netbanking to keep a track of my necessities.
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  7. ReadmeByAmy

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    When it comes to our personal information like our credit card account it is important that we will not disclose it to anybody whom we think is not the right credit card company or its legal representative. Nowadays we cannot easily trust anybody and some people will really make ways just to compensate themselves at the expense of other people. That is why I had stopped already using my credit card and had it cancelled already because I am afraid of such thing that is happening around.
  8. vinaya

    vinaya Member

    I don't use a credit card, actually I don't have a credit card. However, I have debit card which I use to buy things, transfer funds, or pay utility bills. When I have any problems with my debit card, I know where to go. My bank is few block away from my home. Even when a bank staff comes to me personally telling me to solve the problem, I will not trust him. I will always go to the customer care department or card department to sort out issues.
  9. ray

    ray Member

    I almost every day get a mail from my bank about how to be safe from scammers and use my Debit and Credit cards safely and not reveal any of the information to anyone including bank employees. There is an upward trend in cases of cheating. You will not believe the cheats ave invented to fool unsuspecting people mostly the lesser informed.
  10. tpicks

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    Perfect, this is how banks supposed be sending out warnings to its customers to guide them from fraudulent sms or calls from fraudsters. This message is very clear and authoritative. I think banks need be sending this kind of message to their customers at least once in a week. This will go a long to spoil the activities of the scammers or fraudsters.
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  11. anupama

    anupama Member

    Thanks for sharing. Yes, we all should be very careful to whom we are giving the information. Scammers are very smart and they can easily fool you. It's always best to call the company first and clarify it first.
  12. kalyanign

    kalyanign Member

    This kind of message is being by banks every few weeks to all credit and debit card holders. It is because of the increasing numbers of phishing scams and stolen identity frauds that they have to make customers aware of safety and security. I keep getting calls from unknown persons claiming they are verifying some or the other details. Sometimes they are verifying phone numbers, mobile records anything and ultimately somehow or other, they get down to bank account and want to know details of my bank account. I make sure that I never ever disclose any kind of information such callers.
  13. ray

    ray Member

    To be very frank guys the number of warning mails I am getting day in and day out from my three banks I am almost tired of keeping track of them. I have no option but to stop promotional and warning mails because they are not only repetitive but annoying at times.
  14. Zeta

    Zeta Member

    Those are ordinary reminders that credit card holders have been told time and again. Some credit card holders, mostly new ones, sometimes forget or are too gullible and naive. Nowadays, there are so many ways for scammers to get your personal information. People are getting more creative. I sometimes received a call offering a loan at a fantastic low rate. I was naturally interested. Then somewhere in the conversion, he asked me to confirm if I'm the account holder by asking for my birthday, my mother's middle initial, and my billing address. That was the end of the conversation because in the first place, I wasn't the one who called so why do they have to confirm those information. Anyway, they can call me with whatever offer, but I will always call the bank hotline to avail of the offer I am interested.
  15. ray

    ray Member

    I have been told these things by my bank and other similar financial agencies that I can tell them anyone like a recorded message. But even though our statement of account is a confidential matter I was bit hesitant when I handed over the statement to the visa authority. Doesn't it looks like a breach in our privacy?