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    Unfortunately, we had to discontinue our User Appreciation Program. You can still earn money while posting in our forums through The Forum Wheel.

    Introducing the Check Who Called User Appreciation Program.

    The Check Who Called community is brand new. In order to grow, we need people like you to post discussions in the community. It is very simple. You earn credits for posting a new topic thread or continuing the discussion by replying to a topic. It is stuff that you would do anyways but you get a thank you bonus from us!

    Here is how it works:

    - For every new original topic thread you create, you earn 5 credits.
    - For every topic you reply to, you earn 2 credits.
    - Each credit is worth 1 cent in USD.
    - You can check your credit balance and redeem credits for gift cards at any time by clicking here to visit the store or clicking on the "Wallet" link near the top right of this page and clicking on "Shop" in the drop down menu.

    It's that simple!

    The awesome not so fine print.

    To be eligible for credits:

    1. Only posts in the Debt Collection, Telemarketers, Phishing and Scam Calls, Phishing and Scam Emails, and Other Scams are eligible for credits.

    2. Every topic thread you create must be original so use the search before you post anything please.

    3. Every topic you reply to must have new information and your reply must be at least 50 words. Don't worry, 50 words is very easy to write. For example, if the topic is "I got an email from a debt collector and they are harassing me," a reply that wouldn't receive a credit would be "yes, me too." A reply that would receive credit would be something like "yes, me too. I called them back to see why they were calling me and it turns out that they are trying to scam me into giving them my personal information such as my credit card, social insurance number, and my address. You should contact the government at 555-555-5555 or visit the website for debt collection fraud at example .com and file a complaint." That was a 64 word response that added new and helpful information to the original topic.

    4. Topics and reply's must be relevant to the forum. So, posting something about candy shouldn't be in the telemarketing forum unless the telemarketer is trying to sell you candy then it would go in the telemarketing forum.

    5. Don't post spam, advertisements, hate, racist, sexist or any bad messages in the forums. If you do, you will be banned and lose any credits.

    6. Don't create multiple accounts to accumulate credits faster. We know when you do so don't.

    7. Any part of the User Appreciation Program can change at any time.

    8. The User Appreciation Program can be terminated at any time.
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    Going to look at this. I'm a stay at home mom so things like this are important to me.