Weird Call Reroute.

Discussion in 'Phishing and Scam Calls' started by Jasmin Cottontail, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. Jasmin Cottontail

    Jasmin Cottontail New Member

    Have you ever experience calling someone and the person who answered on the other line is a different one or sometimes a different nationality or vice versa? I experienced this before, I called someone on my contact lists and ending up speaking to someone who doesn't even know the person I was calling to. At first I thought that this person is just playing tricks on me but then it happened to me several times from different people and I was wondering what's happening?
  2. ray

    ray Member

    You mean you called someone on his mobile phone and the person that answered was not the same whom you wanted to call? That sounds strange but in my views that could be only possible if that number belonged to a tech service with multiple employees authorised to take calls from their customers. Some companies can take same number for for their public relation or service center so their customers do not have to dial a different number every time.
  3. Jasmin Cottontail

    Jasmin Cottontail New Member

    Exactly. The mobile number that I was trying to call belongs to my friend wherein she's been using that number for like years now and there was never really a problem whenever I call her but then one time this thing happened and I was like "Did I call the right number?". And the weird thing is that it happened to me several times with different contact names and numbers. It's odd though.
  4. thisnthat

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    That is odd. I would probably get your phone checked out. Do you run a lot of apps and stuff? They can get into other parts of your phone and get into your info. I wonder if you got a bad app and it messed with your contacts. I don't know too much about this kind of thing, but that's the first thought that popped into my head.

    At the least, I would check in with your provider. Good luck.
  5. Nocturnal Writer

    Nocturnal Writer Active Member

    That is rare. That is weird. My experience is different. I have made a call to my wife. What I overheard is my own voice. It fed back. I tried several times and the same was the results. What is the cause of that? I have dialed different number. I know it that it was a different number but when I call my voice echoed. What's wrong? I waited for a minute or so and I tried again the same was the result. I closed my mobile phone. I only resorted to text.
  6. Binu

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    This has happened to me many times, while making calls or receiving calls. I make a call, but the one who answers is a stranger. I check the number, the number is correct but the person who answered is not the one you were expecting. Sometimes, there are two person on the line, one is the person I called and another is the stranger.
  7. Alexandoy

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    What I'm afraid of are calls that are not registered in my phone book. I have several callers who call my phone once in a while since 2014. It's really strange and making it more strange is the fact that those callers are mostly using landline phones. I have already posted their numbers in this site and for this year I'm still getting their calls. It's scary to answer those calls because it might be a rerouting call that would give me their phone bills and I would be charged, huh.
  8. Jasmin Cottontail

    Jasmin Cottontail New Member

    I think it's impossible that the apps on my smartphone are the culprit because I am using my basic phone in calling and texting so there's no chance that it's because of any apps. Yes, I think I would ask my provider regarding my experience. Thank you! :)
  9. Working Buck

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    I've also experienced this before when I was calling my mom from another country and all of a sudden, it was rerouted to another person's phone which I can't even understand what the other person was saying on the other line in light of the fact that it isn't English. I find it weird and try to call my mom again and on my second try, I reached her. I asked about a guy who just answered her phone (thinking he was someone my mom know) and my mom said nobody even touches her phone and she just answered the phone so there's no chance that she picked up a while back the first time I tried calling her. So I guess it was rerouted.
  10. kamai

    kamai Member

    This had never happened to me unless that person changed their phone number. It's weird how it happened to you several times though and with different people's phone number's. I would check with your phone service or make sure your numbers didn't get mixed up or changed. Maybe someone got a hold of your phone and changed things around.