What Plagiarism Detection Tools Do You Know?

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    Nowadays plagiarism is one the most common issues involving the whole scientific fields. It is common in middle and high schools and also enormously seen at different universities.
    However, the policies on this major issue are very different across schools, universities and countries. Plagiarism is also a main problem in many websites especially when they pay for the works done.What are your observations? Do you have any idea or argument on this major issue?
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    Plagiarism is a prevalent problem in many educational institutions. I work at a high school, and we actually use turnitin.com. Teachers like turnitin because it checks databases as well as website citations, but it is expensive.

    However, the best plagiarism detection system are teachers themselves. As a teacher, we learn the cadence and "voice" of our students. We know their typical vocabulary, their strengths and weaknesses in grammar, and their paragraph and sentence structure. When the grammatical/vocabulary analysis of a paper does not match a student, we immediately know that someone else had written the paper.
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    I use plagiarism checker at smallseotools.com. It's a free tool and quite helpful. It's very convenient and easy to use. This is the only tool I use.
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    It's easy to just copy parts of the text that is written and put it on Google. It's probably the easiest way since many people just copy parts from popular sites like Wikipedia, and add them straight on their papers. Of course if you see the tone of writing change rapidly in the middle of the paper, then it's probably just copy-pasted.
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    In my experience,this tool is not accurate. I have crossed checked, and always found that the content passed through smallseotool are caught by other checker.
    I have used plagtrack and it is better.
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    For the projects in schools and colleges students copy and paste data from the internet without making any change in the text, which can be easily detected by the teachers based on their experience, for which no plagiarism checker is required. Even if we write articles using our own words there are chances for duplication of some phrases. I use smallseotools.com which is available free online. Though it may not be highly accurate, it gives some kind of satisfaction
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    About all through my school life teachers have been using TurnItIn.com. Quite frankly it's a great website to use even for students. It hasn't always stopped plagiarism but it does give teachers a pretty good idea.
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    That reminds me of the funny episode on the Cosby Show, when Cliff Huxtable wrote Ruby's paper. The teacher replied that she is ready to go to a University, but she have to take her dad with her. LOL. It also reminds me of how my daughter's teacher recognized that my daughter had signed my name on a test she didn't want me to see. Teachers are smart and can discern well. It's just best not to plagiarize.
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    Nowadays it’s hard to overestimate value of good plagiarism checkers. I used to check my papers through plagiarismsearch.com . This checker is great for checking academic papers as well as any other written content.