Which site do you use most often to shop worldwide?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ghost_Writer, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Ghost_Writer

    Ghost_Writer Member

    I answer without thinking twice... My favorite site to make these purchases is eBay. This site has never let me down, I could always find (and buy) all the things I had tried to buy in other sites and had never achieved. Not to mention the great prices.

    The only "failue" is the delivery time (which is sometimes missed). Nothing else.
  2. crackerjack9

    crackerjack9 New Member

    I love Ebay, but you're right-the delivery times can be quite long. I like Amazon as well. Mostly, I like finding little, less-well-known sites for certain things I buy often. For example, I work in a residential rehab and playing cards are a much sought-after commodity. I looked on Ebay and Amazon and they averages a few dollars a pack, which can get expensive for me as I buy 10 packs or more at a time. Then I found this little, obscure site called Amol's that sells part supplies and they offer decks of cards for $.49 each. It is now my go-to site for cards.
  3. kalyanign

    kalyanign Member

    I like ebay, they have an amazing variety of stuff with good deals, but my favorite shopping site happens to be Amazon.com. I can rely on their quality without any hesitation. Their delivery time is adhered to as per the promised schedule, the quality is never an issue and the after service too is good.
  4. ray

    ray Member

    I use Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal in that order and then I have a vast choice according to my item and deal provided by a particular site. I bought my latest phone from Flipkart and before that I had used Infibeam for my previous one. However, my most used site is Flipkart.
  5. RapidBlue

    RapidBlue Active Member

    I use the eBay the best, but I also have accounts on all teh other shopping web pages just for teh sake of having them. I like teh eBay because I learned how to use it and I always carefully 'hunt' for teh best deals which is quite entertaining.
  6. kamai

    kamai Member

    I have not used any as I am afraid to get scammed, I feel like I have the worste luck. I have heard so many scam stories related to these online shopping sites but as I can tell here all of you have only had good experiences. I will have to give them a try myself and see which is the best around.
  7. Fuzyon

    Fuzyon Member

    I use eMag.ro here in Romania to buy everything I would ever need (even groceries), it's like the Romanian Amazon. I also use eBay for things that I have no chance of getting in my country, although sometimes shipping costs can be a pain. Trying to buy from China is ridiculous.
  8. Nocturnal Writer

    Nocturnal Writer Active Member

    I have been using the Lazada for there is a local branch in our country. I am satisfied with its service, especially in the delivery of my items ordered. I relied it ever since I first made my order.


    I usually use Reser Gruppe to book and search for appropriate flights and hotels either for my family or my friends. I think they are working properly and try to update their data very quickly.
    Also, they are responsible for any unforeseen problem such as mistaken transactions or money refund issues. Which website do you prefer to buy your tickets or reserve hotels?