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Discussion in 'Phishing and Scam Calls' started by Decentlady, May 24, 2016.

  1. Decentlady

    Decentlady Member

    I get this messages very frequently with mix of words written in local languages and a clear amount given that one might earn per month. Obviously the amount is too high to be true and so I don't fall it anymore.

    I had once call them back showing intetest although I had already read the reviews on how they operate, days later they kept bugging me to deposit some amount through bank transfer to get their training pack. They use various ladies names as the users. Beware.
  2. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Active Member

    There is one forum where someone posted a work-from-home site that purported pays for the articles and earns more when other members react on the post. Added to that are references of members who have encashed their earnings. Truly attractive. However, there is the fine print at the bottom that for you to earn more and faster, you can upgrade your membership to VIP by investing an amount. So there goes the scam part. And I believe that ordinary members have not redeemed their earnings yet while the VIP, hmm, maybe or maybe not.
  3. Binu

    Binu Member

    I get half a dozen work from home emails every day. Most of these emails have more or less same offer, for example:
    earn thousands of dollars without doing anything
    make hundreds of dollars every day by investing X amount.
    Interesting, most of these work from home messages are sent to spam folder by my email provider.
  4. mastkesar

    mastkesar Member

    Bro, with your common sense, you can find out that these are total scams. Well, how can you earn thousands of dollars without investing anything? It does not make any sense. These emails may look very interesting to you but you should be careful. They also contains the malicious links which you should not open.
  5. kamai

    kamai Member

    About a month ago I fell for this type of scam but since the email was forwarded with the name of a Company I was working with, I fell for it. The link I was supossed to click and follow turned out to be a trojen. It took me for ever and a lot of stress to fully delete it from my computer system. My mistake was not checking the email of the sender.
  6. moondebi

    moondebi Member

    The spam folder of my mailbox is flooded with such mails, and if a link is clicked by mistake, it becomes hard to get rid off promotional offers for the next few days.
    In my initial phase of online works, I used to click such links, and gradually learned to distinguish between the legit a scam mails. Luckily, I have never fall prey to viruses through such mails.
  7. remnant

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    There are other sites that prompt a subscriber to sign up for work at good earning opportunities. They look credible and even the reviews seem to be overly positive save for the fact that they don't have a forum. After the subscriber signs up and reaches the minimum cash withdrawal threshhold, one is informed to upgrade the account and is sent an email specifying a certain minimum amount for the upgrade.
  8. anupama

    anupama Member

    I too get lot of e-mails with these heading. I simply select them and delete them. In the past 4 years that I have tried working online, the one thing that I learnt is that, there is no easy way to earn online. So all the e-mails/programs which claim easy money online are scams and frauds.
  9. ray

    ray Member

    It is one of the most common method of scamming innocent employed and unemployed both looking for additional income. Generally they advertise various online earning schemed if you have a computer and an internet connection offering handsome amount. Once you contact them they will ask for a petty amount to be deposited in their account as security money. I think they succeed hooking enough as the number of scammers is increasing.
  10. Zeta

    Zeta Member

    When the offer is outrageously high, it probably is too good to be true. I get lots of these scam offers daily and fortunately, they go straight to my spam folder and I never had to open them. Some of them are blatant lies and the most frequent victims are those who are new to the internet or to online work. Some may ask for a registration fee for as low as $7 while some may ask for $100 up to join their pool. I've received scam mails for joining survey sites for a certain amount promising unlimited earnings. Well, we all know how survey sites work, besides the fact that they are fee to join.
  11. vinaya

    vinaya Member

    Whether in offline job or online job, whenever you are asked for money in the name of registration, training or anything, it is very likely that the job is a scam. Never fall in the trap of high paying job that asks for money. There are even scammers who ask you for money in order to fill the application form.
    I have friends who were cheated when they paid money to get a high paying job.
  12. ray

    ray Member

    I am so confused why people fail to understand the logic that when a company is willing to pay you thousands of dollars for your work why should they ask for couple of hundred (or even lesser) in advance? Isn't it obvious that they are after your money and not willing to pay you any thing?
  13. mastkesar

    mastkesar Member

    Yes, yu are right. A company would never ask for any amount if it is a legit company. I think people need to be more aware of these incidents. We should try to check out the info of that company on the Internet.
  14. anupama

    anupama Member

    There are many work from home offers that come in the newspapers as well. They take the registration fee and provide the work also. After you submit the work they say that the accuracy level is not good and therefore they won't pay you and also not refund the money back. I have started avoiding such type of offers. They are always scams and they even claim to be govt. approved.
  15. Nocturnal Writer

    Nocturnal Writer Active Member

    Who doesn't want work from at home? Nobody would rebut this especially mothers who stay at home. They don't have any work. They depend on from their husbands' income. Well, they are desirous to have a source of income for their own. Thus, they fall to this scam.