Would You Like To Be A Telemarketer?

Discussion in 'Telemarketers' started by Decentlady, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. Jasmin Cottontail

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    I don't think I would like to be a telemarketer because I know for a fact that this is a really stressful job. I know it's hard and some company provides great benefits and awesome salary and bonuses however, I just don't think that this job is for me. I actually admire telemarketers (but not all) because of their perseverance and hard work. It's really difficult to make a lot of calls every single day to offer a product to someone who isn't interested.
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    I would not want to be a telemarketer to be honest because it's a stressful job and one that I think does not pay well. Personally I want a fun job in an office in an area that I'm highly interested in and a job that I can earn quite a lot of money and have a nice life. I'm sure there are certain telemarketer jobs where you can earn a decent amount in addition to some great bonuses but I think the fact that its not an enjoyable job is the biggest disadvantage. Like said above, well done to any telemarketers, a job where you have to persuade people that are likely to be uninterested or rude is difficult
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    I have a Fishing Buddy who spent 12 years as a Telemarketer (paid very well). THIS TYPE OF TELEMARKETING IS 100% LEGAL unlike those that's been going around. This might help:

    1) You have an account (i.e. Paper (Newspaper/Print/Magazine), Digital (including e-Books) with them

    2) They only call to alert you:
    a) Special Offers (Cheap, Bonuses, Goodies)
    b) Your subscription is expiring
    c) Returning call because you want to cancel -OR- Order more subscriptions

    Nothing like Publisher's Clearing House; while to a degree - similar in nature. Yes, it can be very stressful some of the cases I hear from him are:

    A) CUSTOMERS GET UPSET - because what they had "canceled" or "failed to renew" their Subs and now has to be re-subbed back!

    B) CUSTOMERS GET MAD - they requested to be removed from call or text notifications and then gets upset because they missed out or didn't get a call or notification

    C) FAMILY MEMBERS/RELATIVES - Livid and Furious because "they" are calling and/or leaving messages (they no longer leave notices in USPS - people just discard them) about THEIR DECEASED LOVED ONE on their notifications of Subscriptions or Renewals Expiring!
    :confused: One wonders how is anyone in the business is supposed to know that so and so passed away?! It's SURREAL how folks are at chewing their heads off... A SIMPLE REMARK OF ... "OH, I'M SORRY, MR/MRS/MS/DR XXXX HAD PASSED AWAY. I WOULD APPRECIATE IF YOU CANCEL ALL RENEWAL NOTICES AND ANY REMAINING SUBS CAN BE FORWARDED TO (Person's name) or DONATED TO (i.e. Hospice, Local Nursing Home, Veterans Assisted or Nursing Home, et al)."

    Just had to put my 2 cents here... NOT ALL TELEMARKETERS ARE BAD! Annoying? Some can be...