Your Account Suspension! Update Now

Discussion in 'Phishing and Scam Emails' started by Alexandoy, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Active Member

    Access to e-mail is about to expire,You have violated your yahoo terms and conditions,
    We recommend that you verify your yahoo account
    Failure to oblige will lead to final DE-Activation of your account
    Please VERIFY your account.

    Thank You.

    Upon clicking the VERIFY link, you would be brought to a website.
  2. moondebi

    moondebi Member

    This is something notorious!
    Even if someone could understand the intention of the sender, she/he will click the link to verify the authenticity which otherwise could cause an account cancellation. I'm not familiar with such a kind of spamming, but have to admit that the spammers are smart enough to create a unique trap which users are bound to click.
  3. Billy

    Billy Active Member

    That is an old gimmick that has been victimizing people for a long time. Scare tactics makes people panic and that feeling of fear makes people give in with their baits. Once they stole that person's account they will use that for spamming and scamming more people.
  4. Nocturnal Writer

    Nocturnal Writer Active Member

    That's tricky. I have been mentioning here before when I opened a new Yahoo email account, after a couple of hours, I received an email informing that my Opera Security Account was in danger, so I have to reset my password. I wondered why should I reset my password in Opera which I didn't have any account there. That's something impossible and of course, something phishing.
  5. Binu

    Binu Member

    I have never received this kind of email, however, I I got it I would instantly recognize as a phishing email. Email is just for sending and receiving messages,why would someone violate terms of condition. I have never heard from anyone regarding account email account suspended because of violation issue. This is just a way to drive to the desire website or get your personal information
  6. vinaya

    vinaya Member

    I have Yahoo account, which I have not used since couple of years. Recently, I tried to activate my account by logging in however, I seem to have forgotten password.I tried to recover my lost password by answering the yahoo question but I don't seem to remember the answers. My yahoo account is lost. I used my yahoo account for a long time, however, never received such emails. If I had I would have simply dismissed.
  7. CharlesBrive

    CharlesBrive New Member

    That may have been your default config file, but can you verify that the repository database was actually created in the correct storage engine?

    If it was, I would log a call with SAP.