"Your mom just got into an accident..."

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  1. Fuzyon

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    I don't know if a scam call like this is usually common in other countries but here in Romania it happens regularly, I've been called by those scammers as well. To put it simply, they call and start blabbering about how a relative of yours got into a car accident and they need money "for the police and ambulance". Older people usually get scammed by those people and I've seen grandparents that gave a lot of money to these liars. In my opinion it's a pretty scummy way of making a living.
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  2. precaution

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    I think these types of scams are present all over the world in various forms. In the case you mentioned it is related to the accident of mom, but in some cases it could be some of your relatives who is trapped in a food mall as he has no money left to pay for the food. Then you are supposed to transfer money to a fake account mentioned.

    In the above case you are left with no choice of following it up with the said victim (mom) as she is already hospitalized. But you can ask for the hospital details and recheck it for assurance. But these scammers would never let you do that and they are trained to do so. As you said it is indeed a scummy way of earning one’s daily bread.
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    I would call my mom or whoever, before I'd even think about sending money. Or, ask for the info. If they won't give it, you know it's a scam.

    This scam is used for even worse things as well. This trick has been pulled on children to get them to go with strangers who want to abduct them. They claim mom is hurt and sent them to pick up the child. Scary and horrible.
  4. Billy

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    I received a similar call but the funny thing is that I received the call while my mom is at home watching her soap operas.
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    That accident scam was prevalent some years ago, that's before the popularity of the cellphone. The scammers would call the landline and inform the receiver that a member of their family is in the hospital due to an accident. And that the victim needed money so the receiver of the call is instructed to get all the valuables he can get and bring it to the hospital. But for all you know, the suspects are lurking just in the other block. When the person with the valuables gets out of the house, that's the trap laid by the suspects.. it's a holdup.
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    It is still in "Operation" but very few get hooked in this now. You see the mobile phone has sorted this problem as most people have a cellphone so when a person gets such a call he contacts the person involved immediately and gets the real position. I don't think this would work in urban areas but maybe in rural areas where people have no such facility might still face it.
  7. Binu

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    I have never heard about this kind of scam tactics in my home country. However, many kinds of scam happens. One of the common scam in our home country is donation scam. People walk door to door asking for money to rebuild a community school in a certain region and renovate temple or major landmarks.They even hand you receipt. However, later you find, they were not collecting funds for school or temple.They were making money by scamming people.
  8. remnant

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    I was suprisised how depraved people can get in order to acquire money. I thought that this sort of creativity should be harnessed and used positively. There are even some instances in my country where people claim that they have been kidnapped so that money can be sent to them so that they can be released.
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    This type of scam is actually new news to me. I have never recieved nor heard of such calls. Before giving out any money make sure it is a real situation by calling the person they were calling you for. I know that we would want to act quickly
    when it comes to helping a family member in need and that's why this method works but we must be cautious.
  10. thisnthat

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    That is exactly how I feel as well. If they are "creative" enough to come up with scams, why can't they use it for good things? They could probably earn good money doing something legal, instead of ripping people off. So much thought, and maybe even talent, wasted. Not to mention, all the people they hurt.

    I've heard of kidnapping scams as well. How could they make their family worry like that?
  11. Decentlady

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    Thank God I haven't come across such a hideous way of getting cash. I mean life to such scammers hold no value. Just the thought of your dear one involved in an accident can lead to a heart attack to weaker people. It's inhuman to mentally torture someone even if it's for a moment.
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    As with practically every scam phone call or email, they will use shock tactics to catch you off guard and they hope that you will give them the information they are asking for before you actually realise what's going on. With any type of scam the people involved are unscrupulous and will go to any lengths to get their hands on your details and if that includes threats, intimidation or telling you that a close friend or relative is in trouble and needs your help then so be it.
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  13. thisnthat

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    It's terrible, isn't it? I don't know how people live with themselves when they do such awful things to other people. What you said does have some power behind it. When people are shook up, they are less likely to think things through.

    What a cruel thing to do to someone.

    All these scams start to make people feel really cynical after a while.
  14. mastkesar

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    I received one call when my mom was at home. They were saying that my mom just got into an accident. I laughed for at least one minute! I am amazed by the creativity of the scammers. You should fall in the traps of these scammers. Stay away from these types of calls.
  15. anupama

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    I have heard about these type of phone calls. But here they don't ask you for money. It is only to lure you out of your house so that they can easily come and rob the house. Yes, you should never believe such calls. It is better to call up your relative/ parents and find out first. Only then act upon it.
  16. ReadmeByAmy

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    In my home country I heard that this kind of scam is also happening and here in the country where I migrated I have not yet heard of such this thing. We all knew that scammers are just around that is why make it sure that we are always aware anytime so that we cannot be one of their prospective victim. I don't know how this kind of people are living with such a bad conscience that is within themselves.
  17. Zeta

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    This type of scam comes in various forms. In some cases I've read, the caller/scammer even manages to tell the people at home where to locate the wallet which somehow negates doubts that it is a scam call. The most common victims are grandparents and household helps.