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Call from a college in Anaheim, forgot which college I was asleep but the person asked if I was looking into a Business Management Degree but I answered Culinary instead and the person said "okay thank you" and hanged up
Reported from Newport Beach, California.
Text said "We have received you inquiry to Mentor that you submitted and you do qualify to have your student loans forgiven by immediately calling."
Reported from Burnaby, British Columbia.
Typical telescammer spoofing a false name/number to try scamming you. Calling back only gives you a "generic" message that "sounds" like a business , but never says what that business might be. It gives business hours (that dont seem right) and says ...
Reported from Berlin, New Jersey.

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False leads to pay

Sep 30, 2016

This is one of the most common scams that the scammers try. It has became ineffective now a days because people know when they take loan or something and when some random people asks for an unpaid deb...
Well, it never happened to me. But I heard several stories like this. These type of cases of the number calling the same number is kind rare. This is not a genuine call. It must be a scam. It is actua...

False leads to pay

Sep 30, 2016

Banks implement strict internal and operating control and would only accept payments though accredited payment methods, centers, or bank, and not through their representatives. Debtors can go to the b...

Weird Call Reroute.

Sep 30, 2016

That is odd. I would probably get your phone checked out. Do you run a lot of apps and stuff? They can get into other parts of your phone and get into your info. I wonder if you got a bad app and it m...