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This is one of many scams in the greater Orlando area. They distribute pizza fliers at hotel rooms for pizza. This group has changed their name from Pizza Buffet to House of New York Pizza, then to Sicilian Pizza, and now to Vegas Pizzeria. On the ne...
Reported from Williamsburg, Florida.
Phone didn't ring but they left a blank voicemail at 11:00 PM.
Reported from Healdsburg, California.
Called my OOMA home number at 9:21, I answered, they waited 5 seconds and then hung up. Caller ID: Nguyen Vinh.
Reported from Lodi, California.

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Your client is right. He has the exclusive right to accept or deny your work. So if you're doing your best, you're very sorry. You couldn't fathom the thoughts or the standards of your clients. It is ...
The phrase that says, "money can't buy happiness" means that money cannot provide the eternal happiness. Money can give you the happiness you want for a moment, for a day, but not for the rest of your...

Buying stolen items

Aug 26, 2016

I have been approached many times on the street by people trying to selling high end phones for cheap. Obviously I decline as I know they probably were sto...

Buying stolen items

Aug 26, 2016

We're allowed to sell or even barter our personal property to others. You know there are friends who are selling items coming from their friends with ...
If you are so sexy why do you ask for credit card details, go sell yourself in the open market that would be much more paying in quicker time without having to ask for details. Deal in cash and save y...