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They call and when I answer, no one comes on the line. I returned the call to see what it was and a young male answered and yelled "WRONG NUMBER!". I redialed and he yelled, "I SAID WRONG NUMBER!" Now blocked. We receive MANY calls from collections a...
This call was about a new benefit from medicare and wanted to verify their information. Seemed strange when caller new all my information except my medicare number, which is also my SC # Hung up when I refused to give it
Reported from Valrico, Florida.
This is one of the Verizon Voicemail Access Numbers. When a person calls you but you do not answer, the call is forwarded to this number (if this is the number assigned to your VoiceMail.) It will appear on your call history, but it does not count ag...
Reported from Toronto, Ontario.

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Not debt collectors, but I got one of those "free cruise" calls, and played along for a bit as I was bored. Lady asked a few questions,and when she asked for my visa card number, I asked why they need...
READ THIS CLOSELY: I did paid surveys (from 1990s' to early 2010s'). Only from WELL KNOWN Survey Sites. GREENFIELD has been around long before "Al Gore" Created Internet (I always wanted to post tha...