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debt collector!!
Reported from Chesterfield, Missouri.
904-203-4630 has been calling my machine an average of twice a day for the last week. They will not leave a message. Caller ID shows this number (904-203-4630) as coming from "Middleburg, Florida." I picked up just now and spoke to a human being, w...
Reported from Chicago, Illinois.
Calls several times a day and hangs up with no message.
Reported from Oak Brook, Illinois.

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I have never worked in this area, but some of my friends have already worked. For what they have told me, the instructions and training are very different (because they consider the type of product to...

Indie film casting

Jul 26, 2016

These type of scams could be dangerous at times. Young boys and girls who are fascinated by the rosy pictures of joining the film industry, often fall prey t...
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