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The phone number 202-803-5785 appears to be a Landline from SPRINT SPECTRUM L.P.. The number is located in Washington, District of Columbia in The United States (USA). 51 people have shared comments for this number.

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Sep 1, 2015

I have been receiving calls all week, I just don't answer and let it go to cm. They don't leave messages.

Mr. slippifist

Mar 3, 2014

So pretty much same story as evryone else. Call, went to vm. I decided to call back. I gave them any name and they told me I owed money, j released call.

On a second call I told them that I'm justin beiber returning a call. Same *** you owe money. I started laughing at the guy who picked up. He realized the name I gave him, and started calling me gay. Hahahaha damn ***waffles. Def a scam. File complaints, warn you friends

I'm wondering if this scam is due to targert leaks?


Feb 18, 2014

202-803-5785 called my HOUSE number today and left a message that they have been authorized to contact my employer about giving me notice to appear in court if I do not respond by the end of business today they don't have a choice but to go forward.


Feb 10, 2014

Another SCAMMER. They start this up the same time, year after year as people start getting their tax refunds so they can get your account info and clean you out. Do NOT give them any information about yourself or others. Called from a blocked number and provided no name, just a call back number of 202-803-5785


Feb 4, 2014

I got the same call this morning! Have no idea how they got my cell # as it's listed under Jon Doe...anyways I'm gonna do what (forgot his name)did n call em bk n give sherrif office as my work! Great idea!!


Feb 3, 2014

Sunshine: I received thi call as well on 2/3/14. Called number back . No answer. Stated this conversation is being monitor. The number justed ring, ring, ring! They left a message using my marriage name that I have not used in 20 years (red flag ). Said I would be served paper on my job. Etc , etc. please,beware. SCAM. Thank everyone that has already posted. It help me !


Feb 1, 2014


(True story)
About 2 weeks ago I began receiving phone calls at my mothers house ( where I haven't lived in years), informing me that I was involved in some sort of bank fraud and that they needed to contact my employer to have me served with court paperwork. Sounds pretty scary, huh? The call, which sometimes came two to three times per day, was a pre recorded message advising me to contact them by the end of the day to prevent any legal action from taking place. After a little internet research, my mother and I came to the conclusion that this was obviously some sort of scam.
So, considering that the government agencies that are supposed to be handling these sort of things, obviously aren't doing anything effective to stop these s***bags from ripping off innocent broke people , I decided to handle this one on my own...
I had a little bit of time to kill the other day, so I called the number left on the recording and after a few rings, a man picks up the phone and says "litigations, may I help you"?
It was now time to put on the performance of a lifetime... (and for those of you who don't understand sarcasm, this is all an act.)
" Hello, I received a message from you earlier advising me to contact you about some sort of bank fraud. Can you please tell me what this is about"?, I asked. After a few minutes of pretending to look up my "information", he replies, "Yes, our client, Capital One, has advised us that you have an outstanding balance of $2,167 from a unpaid payday loan from back in 2001". "Oh my!", I said. " There must be some sort of mistake. I don't recall ever doing business with them." He then spent the next couple of minutes trying to "jog my memory", to see if I ever remembered ever taking out a payday loan in the past. After, again, denying the charges, he then replies "Well, if you are disputing the charges, maybe your best course of action should be to just wait and have the paperwork served to you at your job. Then you can just get your 'lawyer team' together and contest it in court". "Okay". I said. " I think I would just rather take that route, since I don't really know what this is about yet". As he began the process of ending the phone call ( and sternly advising me of the pending consequences), I interrupt him and say, "But wait, is there any alternative to this? How much would it cost me to just handle this today, because I think it would cost me more to hire an attorney to fight it in court". After saying that, you could just feel the excitement in his voice... He thinks he's about to rip off another victim! "Well" he says. " You're absolutely right. Most people just end up handling it with us out of court, that way they don't have to take off of work and hire an attorney... It tends to get rather expensive. Plus it will stop all of these annoying phone calls." He then began going over what the down payment and future monthly payments would be... Which totaled to about 1,500 dollars. After "thinking about it" for a few minutes, I say "Okay, let's just do that. It seems like the cheapest way to go." "Great!", he says. "How will you paying today? Visa or MasterCard?" "Oh", I said." Since I don't have a checking account of my own, would it be alright if I used my work credit card?" "Of course." He said. "Just as long as it has a visa or MasterCard logo on it." "It does", I replied. "Can I please have the address and phone number associated with the card?", he asked. After giving him my "work address and phone number", he says "Oh. By the way, my name is Jim Bilowski." (Which was kinda funny, considering that he was obviously a black man. Not that black people can't have a polish last name... I've just never met any myself...just sayin). So, then "Mr. Bilowski" gave me my (fake) approval code and transferred me to the" auditing" dept., to finalize my payment. "You have a great day, sir." "Thanks. You too, Mr. Bilowski." Up next is "Nicole" .
"Auditing dept., this is Nicole, may I please have your (fake) approval number?" After giving her the number, she goes on to verify my payment agreement and proceeds to ask me for my credit card information. "May I please have the name that appears on the card?" Before giving her the information, I again verify that I am able to use my "work credit card", to which she replied, "of course". "Okay, the name on the card is... The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office." "... Hello?... Nicole, are still there? ", I asked, after few very long moments of awkward silence. "Yes", she mumbled in a rather cowering voice. "Nicole...", I said. "...I would really like to thank you for staying on the line long enough for us to trace this call." after a very loud gasp coming from the other end of the phone, the next thing I hear is "click". Nicole was no longer on the line.

So, the next time you get a phone call from one of these idiot, wannabe con-artists, spending a few minutes on the phone with them, having a little fun and wasting their time (or the better part of an hour, like I did), may end up being a little more effective than posting something online to one of these internet complaint boards... which obviously has no effect.


Jan 28, 2014

Got the same voicemail and called back. It took 3 15 minute sessions before they said they would have a manager call me back. It never happened.
I don't understand how people can get away with lying about said bank fraud and going to prison without consequence.

NC State Employee

Jan 24, 2014

Got 2nd call from them today. First call was couple weeks ago. Both calls threatened that I had to the end of business day to contact before having papers served. SCAMMERS!!! Won't return call,but WILL report to my state's ATTY GEN office. They live to take s*** like this down!


Jan 24, 2014

I received a call this morning about bank fraud and I called back they hang up.. this is crazy.


Jan 17, 2014

I just received a call from an unknown number. They left a message for me to call back regarding a check or bank fraud claim. And I am supposed to call before the end of business day to 202-803-5785. I called the number and a recording says all calls are montiored and to hang up if I didn't want that. I stayed on the line and it just rings.

Emilio from Navajo Reservation

Jan 13, 2014

I received a call from (202)803-5885 from District of Columbia they said it involves a check and bank fraud. They were going to subpoena me to appear in court. I just ignored it, because they used an incorrect last name. Later that day my significant other returned from her work and she told me her office received a call telling them the same thing they told me. They also said they would garnish my payroll. I figured if they know my name, my phone number and my significant others work telephone number, then they could certainly mail me a bill or a letter explaining themselves. Sounds to me like a telephone phishing scam.


Jan 10, 2014

Just got the same threatening call today also and am wondering if all the people here shopped at Target with their debit/credit card - I cannot figure out how this scammer got my cell phone except for that.


Jan 8, 2014

I received a call today from that number. Comcast is my provider. They left a threatening recorded message.

Sprint User

Jan 6, 2014

This has been going on for over 2-3 years. I've countlessy replied back to these people. i keep getting the same robo message for Bernita Hess or Bernita Hays for some kind of court proceedings. I've asked for their information, and they do not give it. They keep saying that the "case" gets passed to a new firm, and another new firm, and then another new firm, so my information is continuously attached to it, so each time I call they say we will not call you any longer, thats starting to seem like a lie.

When i call back the 202 number, they answer the phone as "Litigation." So now I know its the same people I told not to call me back a year or 2 ago.

I do not know any Bernita Hess. I don't know how they got my number. Each time I call them, they say I'm removed from any further contact, but in the last few days I received 2 robo calls for the same issue once again.

So I called back just now, there was a pre-recorded message that said "this call is being recorded, if you do not want to be recorded, please hang up." I stayed on the line, slight pause of silence, then a man answered the phone as "Litigation" and the first thing I said is Hi need all of your information. He instantly got furious with me and said look here you do not call me asking for all my information, so i got into an argument with the guy, he was talking over me so he couldnt hear what I was saying.

I was telling him that I want all of his information so I can call my lawyer and sue him for harassment, and he said he is a lawyer too, and I said good, he further went to interrupt and say "you know what, get on your knees and suck a lawsuit" and then hung up. I called back, same pre recorded "this phone call is being recorded..." and then a pause, and then it hung up.

The Caller ID on my phone came up today as 000-000-0000 and the voicemail caller id came up as 1unknown@emaildomain.comverse

Phone call came in at Jan 3 2014 at 4:28p as "unknown" and today Jan 6 2014 at 3:39p.

Guess I will take the time soon to look into a class action filing and find out who these guys are.

meli bobeli

Jan 2, 2014

Scam! Accused me of check or bank fraud. She said I owed her client $1500 but could settle it today for $500. She would not give me any specifics to the nature of the debt. She just answered my questions with "Do you want to settle this today or have your day in court?" She ended finally with "You will be served in 7-10 businesses days. Goodluck in court." Then she hungup.

Jane Mo

Dec 24, 2013

I just received a call from this number saying I owe $1500 from a paid day loan that I took out back in 2009-2011 at my old address which I was not living at that address at that time.


Dec 17, 2013

Company calls and leaves a message that they have been authorized to contact my employer about giving me notice to appear in court if I do not respond by COB they don't have a choice but to go forward. Caller: private number: 202-803-5785

Ricardo S.

Dec 13, 2013

Ricardo A

Received a call from this number, they claimed that I closed an account they were authorized to withdrawal from. Several times I have traced the information to the company they claim I pulled a loan from. Many times I am confused with what they asked. When tracking down the loan officer, they notify me that have attempted to pull a loan and find out they can not do business in Colorado. I know were I pull my loans and the internet tracks most of these people. The funny thing is they are all in my business about retirement the car I drive, the window that broke, and the refrigerator that was just purchased. The banks I have and am doing business with. Social Security number. They threat to take me to court and know what color underwear I have that day. The bad part is that the bank has been closed for so long and I find no information on a deposit even being made or a check they claimed they issued after words. This is a scam company and do not operate to the extent of the law. NICE TRY!!!!


Dec 13, 2013

The irony is that these scammers are accusing all of us of being criminals when the only REAL criminals are THEM!! These lowlifes are to lazy to get a real job & will never get laid or experience the love of a woman! They think people are stupid enough to believe their BS but we are smart and google these phone numbers and verify they are simply criminals using a park address as their so called address! These foreigners have no ambition in life an will soon b lockedup in the slammer!!! LMFAO
Tis the season for evil s***


Dec 12, 2013

I received a call from them telling me the same thing....they left a call back number of 202-803-5785. When I called there the told me I got a cash loan from a place called cash now. I looked up on Google, to see if there was indeed a cash company named that. There is but they only send you to other people who in turn process your application, then they try to get a lender for you to get your money...
They could not give me a contact number for the cash loan company I am suppose to have gotten a loan from...Now no one answers that number, of if it is answered they tell you no is available....
I strongly believe this is a scam....Do not give any information...They had my social security number, home address, phone number, and who knows what other information they had on me....

Cindy Michel

Dec 12, 2013

I got same call saying I had to end of day yesterday to call. They said my sons work was going to get a call as well as if I or my son didn't call back before 5pm, there would be legal actions. I'm mourning the loss of my son who just got in a tragic automobile accident last week and died on his birthday. They have only caused me more grief, I've called them back. No one answers.


Dec 11, 2013

got a call today and called back... they had all of my information and said I keyed money for a payday loan that I got between 2009-11 &' was either online.or I walked into a location...no way!!! how else would you get one. then asked me to set up payments today so I will not be taken to court on $2500 fraud charges. wouldnt or.couldnt tell me who the company was, the amount, or the social date... yet the statute has expired. really idiot, you have to file suit before the statute runs. I told him I. wasn't verifying any of my information he stated. this is.a recorded line. so I told him I don't care because I've said or done nothing wrong jerk! he told me to get ready for court lol ok.


Dec 11, 2013

This number called my parents house left a message saying that they were trying to contact me for bank fraud and if I didnt call back they would have a officer come to my work. My mom told me to call back. I tried and got a recording saying no one is available. SCAM


Dec 11, 2013

This number called my parents house left a message saying that they were trying to contact me for bank fraud and if I didnt call back they would have a officer come to my work. My mom told me to call back. I tried and got a recording saying no one is available. SCAM


Dec 11, 2013

This number called my parents house left a message saying that they were trying to contact me for bank fraud and if I didnt call back they would have a officer come to my work. My mom told me to call back. I tried and got a recording saying no one is available. SCAM


Dec 11, 2013

This number called my parents house left a message saying that they were trying to contact me for bank fraud and if I didnt call back they would have a officer come to my work. My mom told me to call back. I tried and got a recording saying no one is available. SCAM


Dec 11, 2013



Dec 10, 2013

I got a phone call today saying they were from World Wide Retrogression. A guy called saying he was Gary in the litigation department.


Dec 10, 2013

Received a call today actually a voice mail was left, trying to return call and sure enough there recording informed me no one is available to take my call? Well so much for getting back to them by days end... Place is a scam power of the net to get information just fules the croks of the world.


Dec 10, 2013

I had a voice mail from this number today. Said the same thing, bank fraud etc. When I called the number back and asked for their address, "James with Requistions" would not give it to me. I asked if they were using 1220 first St NW Washington DC as their address because that address is actually a playground. James got very upset and demanded me to tell him who I was. When I further asked for him company name and address, he got mad and said I was playing games with him and he hung up on me! lol Jerk.

Mage Smith

Dec 10, 2013

i just got a voicemail from them and it said i had until end of business today to call them and when i called it went wright to a voicemail and said no one is available. I will be reporting this.


Dec 10, 2013

The police said it is hard to stop them because most of these come from people outside the US routing calls through US numbers.


Dec 10, 2013

They called and left a message on both my and my husband's cell phones saying they were contacting me about bank fraud. I had payday loans but they are paid and I don't know how they got my husband's cell number because I wasn't married to him at the time. The local police said these are always scams and it is best not to answer the or call back when they leave a message. He also said the claim that they were faxing a subpoena to the local authorities is not true because that is not how it works. They make money by scaring people into sending them money that they do not owe. I agree with the sentiment that they need to get real jobs!!!


Dec 10, 2013

I am going to contact my state's Attorney General. How do we stop these people. They totally scared my son


Dec 10, 2013

this is a total scam the address they gave you 1220 first st nw washington dc. is a playground called new york avenue playground and across the street is a coalition for homeless. You can google the adress and look at the street view. you will be able to see its a playground

Concerned Child for Parents

Dec 10, 2013

That happened to my senior parents. They called saying the same thing that this is bank fraud.


Dec 10, 2013

They called me as well. Said since I was rude they will not give me any information and that they will just send my subpoena out. I asked if she could spell subpoena and was hung up on.


Dec 10, 2013

Received a call twice today saying that they have complaint filed against me and they will be contacting my employer! Whatever!!!!!


Dec 10, 2013

I just received a call from this number also. They left a message saying bank fraud. I called back and a message says Im sorry no one is available two take your call. Goodbye. Who do I contact about this?

Who cares

Dec 10, 2013

Called me saying the same thing as everyone else. I dont answer unknown calls, so it was a message.


Dec 10, 2013

I got the same call today for my fiancé. It's extremely scary because he said he called to find out what it was and they had all of his information. A good friend's name he used as a reference, his address, my phone number (not sure why it wasn't his #), the name of his bank, and asked for his last 4 digits of his ss#! He called the loan company they said they were collecting money for and it is definitely fraud. He is now filing a report with the Federal Trade Commission.

None Ya!!

Dec 10, 2013

They called me at work..(BIG MISTAKE)! Do you really think that we are not smart enough to figure out that you are to lazy to get a real job and quit scamming people!?!?!??!?!? I've had payday loans before but guess what dumba$$ it was paid in FULL!! So take your threats and shove them up your A$$!!

Fighting back SCAMS

Dec 10, 2013

Received the same call. What I have done with these callers is ask them to send the info to the address they have on file to show proof I owe money. DO NOT give them a corrected address or any other personal information. I know I don't owe the money and I know they won't send anything. They want you to give bank information over the phone. DO NOT do it. I always google search info on all these numbers and see what everyone else is saying as well. They try to scare you by telling you all this personal information they have on you. All of this information is available on the internet. That's how they get it. Don't fall for these SCAMS!

Andrea G

Dec 10, 2013

This is a scam to get money. Please report to your state Attorney General office

Andrea G

Dec 10, 2013

This is a scam to get money. Please report to your state Attorney General office


Dec 10, 2013

I called they said they are worldwide requisitions a litigating firm.
Stating that I defaulted on a payday loan over 7 years ago, were not able to give me a specific loan company or account number. But said if I do not pay today they will take me to court. Scary because they had all my information. Address they give me is 1220 first St NW Washington DC. I have no idea what to do, to my knowledge owe nobody money


Dec 10, 2013

I got the same call the same message has anyone called or knows the name of the company


Dec 10, 2013

i recieved call asking for my daughter saying to contact about check or bank fraud. My daughter has no checks.
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